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40 Online Bachelor's Programs in Management Studies 2024



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Online Bachelor's Programs in Management Studies

Leaders are an essential part of the business world - whether in a small to medium-sized local retail business to a large, multinational raw materials corporation - management is an essential responsibility. Bachelor in Management students learn about how management works, management-crucial disciplines (entrepreneurship, human resources, accounting, marketing, finance, operations, supply chain, international business, etc.), how good management contributes to profitability and how bad management can mean downfall. The field of management is broad, and in many cases students will choose to specialize in a certain area during the Bachelor in Management online program.

Specializations for Bachelor in Management Studies programs target some of the following practical areas: shipping, arts, communications, marketing, modern languages, tourism, hospitality, finance, business psychology, strategy and more. The Bachelor in Management online programs listed below allow students more versatility in their daily study schedules and they may find online programs to be more flexible in the overall academic timetable. Another advantage of taking a Bachelor in Management online is that the format allows for deeper research opportunities into key concepts.

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