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3 Online Bachelor's Programs in General Studies Interdisciplinary Studies 2024



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    Online Bachelor's Programs in General Studies Interdisciplinary Studies

    Earning a bachelor’s degree can be an integral stepping stone to land gainful employment after graduation. Completing four years of postsecondary education online can be an excellent way to stand out from the sea of other applicants when it comes time to find a career.

    What is an online bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies? This field of study is just as it sounds, allowing students to tailor specific courses to their needs in preparation for careers after graduation. Interdisciplinary studies is a flexible degree and can be used to incorporate different fields of study into one comprehensive college degree. For example, students wishing to steer their studies toward the sciences may combine elements of psychology, business, humanities or social sciences on top of a rigorous science course load.

    Many benefits may emerge from taking classes in interdisciplinary studies. Students often gain organizational skills from managing diverse types of classes, develop analytical skills and enhance their written and verbal communication skills, all of which are helpful in building a professional profile.

    The cost of a degree will vary based on location and choice of school. However, many universities offer online degrees at a lower cost than traditional tuition. It is best to contact schools that offer a program that is of interest to the student.

    After earning an online bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies, one might find a career in law, social sciences, management or health professions. Graduates may choose to be engineers, business analysts, scientists, counselors, teachers, financial advisors, accountants or government leaders. This is by no means an exhaustive list, as the very nature of interdisciplinary studies is to intertwine courses specific to a student’s desired career path.

    Generally, online degrees have leveled the playing field and may be more convenient and affordable than traditional schooling. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.