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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 11 Online Bachelors  (Bachelor's) Programs in Business Administration 2023

11 Online Bachelor's Programs in Business Administration 2023


A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate program that typically requires three to four years of coursework. By earning a degree, students may pursue careers in specific areas of study with necessary acquired knowledge, skills and experience.

What is a bachelor’s in business administration? These programs focus on equipping students with the understanding of leadership, business structures and the tools required for roles in administrative and management positions within a business. Programs may explore the fundamentals of local and global economies, business planning and organizing, the use of technology in business, the significance of business ethics, different types of business law, methods of finance, business marketing, human resource management and the role of information systems. While some areas of study require further concentration, these programs are generally designed to offer a basic platform to be applied to any form of business.

Earning a bachelor’s in business administration can enable students to expand their knowledge of other areas of the world, practice leading a group of peers and gain experience with organizing project plans. These skills can be highly useful not only in the pursue of competitive-paying jobs, but also for personal enrichment.

The cost for a program may vary depending upon each institution’s location and duration of courses. Prospective students are encouraged to contact schools offering their chosen programs for more details and information.

Graduates may consider many possible career paths in a wide variety of growing industries, such as tech companies, financial institutions and insurance agencies. Some of the most common opportunities include jobs as business executives, marketing directors, construction managers, human resource managers, project managers, financial officers, financial analysts, information officers, accountants, economists, research analysts and many more.

Flexible part-time schedules and international options are available to students. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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