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Online learning is soaring among young professionals. The average age for online undergraduates is 29, while the average age for graduates is 33. While many online students are young—some as young as middle school age—young adults and professionals seek online master’s degrees for a wide variety of reasons. One of the biggest? Career advancement.

Why? Young professionals know the kind of knowledge that they need to improve their careers. Not only do they find that knowledge in online courses, they also find flexibility, customized learning options, a professional network—and the conviction that online learning is a viable way to advance their careers without sacrificing their jobs and families.

How can an online master’s make a difference in your life? Students and alumni from the University of Liverpool answered that question with real-life examples of the benefits they gained from their online studies. 

Earn a world-class degree while you work:

Studying online with the University of Liverpool means you don’t have to give up what’s important. The program’s online structure means working professionals can complete a postgraduate degree, without sacrificing family, friends and career.

“It gave me a lot of time so I could still continue to be a mother and a surgeon and I don’t think that a campus degree would have given me that,” said Dr Punam Bijlani, an MSc in Management graduate and consultant plastic surgeon based in UAE.

Make your family proud

Chasing a dream is hard work and that’s why you’ll need the support from the important people around you. Even though they might see you a little less each week, there is no doubt they will be extremely proud of your commitment to building a better future for you and your family.

“If it wasn’t for them, I would have failed for certain,” said MSc in Project Management graduate Steve Armstrong about the unwavering support he received from his wife and daughters.

Studying can even become contagious and a great example to the kids. It became a family affair for the Armstrongs. Both of Steve’s daughters were studying for university degrees at the same time as their dad, and his wife also started studying for a qualification.

Work towards a future you’ll love

Accessing a world-class university education from anywhere, and at any time, means you can continue in your current job while at the same time learning new skills for real life which could lead to career progression and increase your earning power.

“Having got the degree, I’ve been promoted to a senior project management role and it’s led to a great opportunity for me to move to the USA,” said Bryan Starling, whose MSc in Project Management lead him to a better and more exciting career.

The online programs at the University of Liverpool can even provide a unique opportunity to make steps towards a completely new career, without sacrificing your current one.

“I had long wanted to do something more meaningful with my life, and felt stuck. I didn’t believe I would get in, so when I did, I just went for it! I used to work long hours but thanks to the programme’s structure, I was able to flexibly adapt my time,” said Josephine Greenbrook, an MSc in Psychology graduate who was a graphic designer, running her own company when she started her online program.

Work Smarter, not Longer

Completing your master’s will require a commitment of time, but it doesn’t have to consume every moment of your life.  In fact studying online means the only thing you may have to sacrifice is a few hours a day. It can be as simple as switching your overtime to study time, or turning off social media during a daily commute.

"I could do it any place, anytime, as long as I had internet connectivity. There were many times when I would be flying literally around the world and doing coursework on a plane, landing, getting things from the library, uploading coursework, getting on another flight. I was able to be completely engaged in the coursework and never miss a beat,” said MBA graduate Jim Wagstaff, who runs his own consultancy business in Singapore.

When you study online for a master’s or doctorate with the University of Liverpool, you will have the flexibility to choose when and where you study from but it will require time and commitment. Even though you will be spending time online or away from your family, it will be a rewarding experience that can help you build a brighter future for you and your family.

Read more about studying online with the University of Liverpool.

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