The Benefits of an Online MBA
January 27, 2017

What MBA program offers you quality courses, flexibility with work and home life, low cost, invaluable tech experience, and global networking opportunities?  You guessed it.  The online MBA.  Let’s take a closer look at five benefits of earning your MBA online. 

New Year’s Resolution: Take an Online Course
January 18, 2017
The broad strokes beauty of 21st-century learning lies in the breadth and depth of information out there, just waiting to be consumed—and our access to it.  If you’ve resolved to become a better person this year and learn something new, try taking an online course.  You won&rsq...

Five Tips for Connecting with Others as an Online Student
December 30, 2016
Think online students live in a sad and lonely world populated entirely by themselves and their computers? Think again. The truth is that many online students lead rich, full, engaged lives in college -- without ever stepping foot inside a classroom. These five tips can help you start connecting wit...

There’s More to Online Learning Than Classes
December 16, 2016
Our digital world has a lot to offer if you know where to look.  Online is where education is going.  Smart boards.  Smart classrooms.  Flipped classrooms.  Smart phones.  Apps. Swipes.  Taps.  Clicks.  Are you ready for the ride?  Fasten your &ldquo...

5 Tips for Avoiding Online Student Struggles
December 9, 2016
Today’s vast online learning options open many doors for students for whom the conventional “bricks and mortar” college experience may not be feasible or preferable. However, online studies also come with their own unique set of challenges. Wondering how to overcome some common obs...

How to Choose an Online Degree Program
December 1, 2016
If you’re thinking about earning your degree online, it’s time to be consumer savvy.  Of the myriad of choices, it can be difficult—if not downright overwhelming—to parse through all of the information out there to make a good choice.  Lucky for you, we’ve cre...

Is It Possible to Get the College Experience with Online Studies?
November 29, 2016
Online studies are an increasingly popular option for many contemporary students. And while it’s true that getting a degree online offers several uniquely appealing benefits, does doing so can come at the sacrifice of getting the full college experience? Not necessarily, as it turns out. Onlin...


November 16, 2018

Online learning opens doors to many students. One particular demographic that’s taking advantage of this relatively new path to college degrees, acc...

November 9, 2018

Coding has been declared to be the "most important job skill of the future", as well as being heralded as "the next mass profession". But whether or n...

November 2, 2018

There's a disconnect between the overall growth of online education and a drop in online higher education opportunities. What's going on? Let's take a...