University Expert in Geopolitics and Socio-Economic Internationalization


Program Description

University Expert in "Geopolitics and Socio-Economic Internationalization"


Some of the objectives

  • Know and analyze the challenges of today's world and the existing challenges and opportunities for internationalization
  • Know the world institutional map, especially in its political, economic and financial and diplomatic institutions
  • Know the theoretical frameworks and approaches, and the conceptual elaborations in the analysis of international relations, as well as the different thematic fields of international activity and the main geographical areas.
  • Know how to manage international projects and organizations in their legal (contracting), economic-financial and communicative aspects (marketing, crisis management)
  • Learn to manage and lead multicultural work teams effectively and internationally.
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Expert Data

  • Date: October 2020
  • Place: 100% Online
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Modality: Online
  • Knowledge branch: Social, Legal and ADE Sciences
  • Degree: University Expert in "Geopolitics and Socio-Economic Internationalization"
  • Price: University Expert: € 1,900 *

10% for early payment

For employees, there is the possibility of a bonus from their Social Security fees. For more details consult with us or your HR department.

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Why choose HAC Leadership

HAC Leadership

“In addition, HAC acts with a lobbyist spirit in the United States of America, promoting and strengthening the development of the Hispanic community on the international scene. That is why, above all, an international networking network at the highest level. ”

Why choose HAC?

  • You will get your degree as University Expert

Who is it for?

  • Managers and middle managers of international or internationalizable companies
  • NGO staff and other civil society organizations
  • International social entrepreneurs
  • Staff of international agencies and agencies
  • Public administration and consular legation officials
  • Companies contracting cooperation projects or with corporate volunteer programs
  • Journalists or social researchers
  • Students or researchers with an interest in International Relations

Some invited speakers: USA

  • Bernardo Kliksberg, International Reference in Development Ethics and CSR.
  • Kathleen Kennedy, former governor of the state of Maryland.
  • Ana Berenguer, VP of economic affairs of the New York City Council.
  • Doctor Francisco Lara, associate professor at Washington University.
  • Jesús Martínez Linares, quantum physicist expert in climate change.
  • Gonzalo García, expert in international business in the United States.
  • Pablo Bachelet, IDB General Director of Communication
  • Javier Palomarez, white house advisor and business expert.
  • Humberto López, strategy director of the World Bank.
  • Monique López, VP JP Morgan.
  • Jean Carlos Alonso, VP Santander Bank USA
  • Andrés Jaime, Equity VP Morgan Stanley.
  • Geri Louis Smith, former IDB communications director.
  • Carmen Muñoz, TABS Consulting New York.
  • Alejandra González, an expert lawyer in business in the United States.
  • Raul de Mora, UN

Some invited speakers: Spain

  • Nuria Vilanova, President Atrevía
  • Laura Lagarreta, Vocento
  • María Eizaguirre, journalist
  • Garrigues Walker, law firm.
  • Gómez Acebo, expert legal office
  • Juan Carlos Cubeiro, Management and Leadership
  • Alejandra Polacci, Director of Innovation APD International
  • Ray A. Cazorla, President HAC Leadership
  • Luis Alvarado, president of the European Youth Forum
  • Marcos Urarte, General Director Pharos
  • Juan Verde, President Advance Leadership Foundation
  • APRI Agency
  • Global Compact - Madrid
  • Colonel García Baños, Geostrategic Expert, security.
  • Fernando Navarro, Director of Innovation and VP of Ethics and CSR at ICLF
  • Alvaro Frigdiano Durantez, international doctor in CC. Policies, Casa del Rey
  • Gorka Maneiro, former deputy of UPyD, Founder of the Platform Now
  • Gonzalo Sichar, former provincial deputy of C´s and president of Innovaética
  • General Jose Luis Rodriguez-Villasante, former director of the training center in International Humanitarian Law of the Red Cross
  • Sara Núñez de Prado, Professor of Current World History
  • Jaime Ruiz Huescar, CEO Cities Forum
  • Juan Angel Soto, Director of Civics
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About the School

HAC Leadership & Management es una firma internacional de asuntos públicos, relaciones internacionales y formación ejecutiva. Nuestros clientes son del ámbito empresarial, político e institucional ... Read More

HAC Leadership & Management es una firma internacional de asuntos públicos, relaciones internacionales y formación ejecutiva. Nuestros clientes son del ámbito empresarial, político e institucional provenientes de Estados Unidos de América, Europa y América Latina. Fundada en el 2015 en Estados Unidos, Nuestra firma tiene sede principal en la ciudad de Nueva York y oficinas en Madrid, Buenos Aires y Washington D.C donde ofrecemos servicios de consultoría estratégica, eventos corporativos, formación ejecutiva y relaciones políticas con la administración. Read less
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