University Course in Tax and Accounting Consulting


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Program Description

Responds to the obligations in tax and accounting matters of the company

With the Online Course on Tax and Accounting Advice , you will acquire the necessary skills and abilities to advise third parties and to manage the administrative obligations of companies in accounting and tax matters. At the School of Business and Management we want you to acquire the necessary skills to carry out your work as a business advisor so that you are able to apply everything you have learned in the course not only at the end of it but also to keep your knowledge updated in the future.

Through this course, you will acquire the ability to analyze, interpret business information and decision-making, and advise third parties on accounting and tax matters.

If you want to carry out the accounting and tax management of companies , this is the university course that will give you the tools and techniques necessary to do so.



  • Introduction to the Spanish Tax System
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Corporate tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Introduction: Accounting for Non-Accountants
  • Financial Accounting (Option 1 Expert Level)
  • Financial Accounting (Option 2 Advanced Level)

How do you study?

The course is taught online, and its study is free planning, so you can adjust your schedules depending on your availability. You will have professional resources to be able to acquire the working method of a business advisor.

100% Updated

Theoretical content fully updated with current regulations. You can access them in PDF format through our virtual campus.

Multimedia Exercises

The multimedia exercises allow you to interact and self-evaluate in the application of theoretical knowledge to practice.

Legal Data Bases

You must learn to consult legal databases, therefore, you will have unlimited access to LeFebvre's database.

Management software

We provide you with the download and educational videos of one of the business management tools available on the market.

Practical Videos

You will have fully updated videos at your disposal in which we will show you the main procedures with the administration.


Voluntary classes taught by experts in each subject that are repeated periodically so that you can choose the date that suits you best.

Unlimited Tutorials

Through the virtual campus you have 24/7 access to the consultation and tutoring section so you can ask any questions that may arise.


The Accounting and Taxation course is free to study, but remember that you will have a personal advisor throughout the course.


The teachers of this course are active professionals who will transmit not only theoretical knowledge but also their day-to-day working in this specialty. This is part of our commitment as a School of Tax and Accounting Advisory since we consider that theoretical knowledge does not take place in this matter and is not applicable to the job.

Employment and Professional Career

The Tax and Accounting Specialization Course provides a qualification with academic and professional recognition and represents an opportunity for professional improvement. Our commitment as a School is to help you achieve your professional goals and for this we have an employment and career department.

Boost your career

The University course in Tax and Accounting Consulting will allow you to access positions of responsibility in business consulting.

Business practice

For those students who do not have professional experience, we periodically publish offers of internships related to training.

Employment exchange

You will have access to all the job offers and internships that the companies that trust us and our students send us each year.

Professional orientation

Our employment department has a complete career guidance service to help you with everything you need.

Academic fees

  • Full course, expert level accounting option: € 560
  • Full course, advanced level accounting option: € 640

* Consult with our advisors the most appropriate level of accounting for your profile

+ € 30 diploma issue
(will be paid at the time of registration)

The price includes:

  • Material necessary to pass the training.
  • Attendance at all virtual sessions called.
  • Diploma issuance.

Scholarships and Financing

We offer scholarships and study aids that can partially cover the cost of the Specialization Course in Taxation and Accounting .

Are you an active worker? All our training can be subsidized through FUNDAE.

Our corporate relations department manages each year more than 1000 agreements with companies and groups for access to our training of their employees and associates with special economic conditions.

Last updated Aug 2020

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