Undergraduate Course - International Business


Program Description

Undergraduate Course - International Business

"The social and economic development of our country depends on the possibility of having –in the management staff of private and government institutions– people able to own comprehensive thinking and a mind opened to exchange and interact with cultures and the globalized world, that is, managers capable of overcoming political, cultural, technological and economic boundaries, and with analytical skills and abilities to make negotiations in any culture.

International Business is essential for the economic development of the country, and efficiency will increase in the international context with the implementation of a new strategic, global and overall vision of the company.

Based on models used in the program, the strategies to encourage strategic thinking and overall management skills will be developed therein, thus acquiring the skills enough to make negotiations founded on research, knowledge and intercultural relations, and identifying, formulating and assessing multilateral trade business opportunities through commercial and financial management.”

Leonardo Holguín Muñoz


Identify business opportunities in international markets.

  • Provide ethical leadership in conducting and managing a business, and in creating and conducting working groups to achieve specific purposes.
  • Manage international financial systems and processes by using strategies and techniques in the international business and agreements field.
  • Establish relationships, make negotiations, and close commercial agreements with people from other cultures by means of seeking formulas leading to success.
  • Reduce risks and uncertainty by stimulating product innovation resulting from the development of research processes, and by assuming social responsibilities.
  • Develop and assess investment projects, and operating, administrative and marketing systems with the purpose of increasing market development.
  • Lead businesses focused on international competitiveness.
  • Implement appropriate information studies, systems and analyses of international businesses within the organization and its environment.
  • Analyze different cultural variables.
  • Act ethically and with social responsibility towards different social, cultural, economic and political realities.
  • Develop sustainable business opportunities, and lead projects aimed at generating economic and social value.
  • Communicate effectively in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments.
  • Apply knowledge in various contexts to solve current problems.
  • Manage technology tools in practice.


  • Permanent accompaniment conducted by teachers with business experience.
  • Interaction through virtual classrooms with teachers, students, lecturers, working papers etc.
  • Permanent access to services of the virtual campus: library, forums, contents, online assessment, reports and papers delivery, virtual tutoring sessions, billboards, videos, and audio files.
  • Autonomy to manage your own time and overall academic process.
  • Course the professional career at your own pace, taking between 7 and 11 six-month periods, according to each student available time –as comprised in the educational model.
  • Possibility to choose among various concentration areas such as Finance and International Marketing, International Business and Economics, and Business Administration –each one with a broad portfolio of elective study units.

Double Degree – Universidad EAN and Université du Québec à Chicoutimi:

  • International recognition of the undergraduate degree, and ease of course postgraduate studies abroad.
  • Courses developed by international teachers from Université du Québec à Chicoutimi with broad experience in the international business application.
  • The double degree is another door for developing your international profile in the broad spectrum of international businesses and organizations.
  • The courses offered by UQAC are developed in agreement with international philosophy and guidelines allowing you to recognize and apply –from a global perspective and in Spanish– concepts, and theories to strategically strengthen your professional skills and expand your multicultural vision.
  • It is a long-term strategic financial investment with the appropriate projection of someone considering itself part of the international business environment.
Last updated Nov 2017

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