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An online undergraduate certificate program is a form of study offered to anyone wishing to explore a subject at the professional or collegiate level. To obtain an online certificate, one must usually complete a prescribed number of courses in a specific subject of interest.

Certificate programs are usually more focused than degree programs, especially at the undergraduate level. What is an online undergraduate certificate? These credentials are offered for a variety of subjects: most commonly, topics in disciplines that have significant practical applications, such as engineering, medicine or finance. A frequent goal of students participating in these programs is to further their career goals through the acquisition of an advanced academic credential. Any prospective student of an undergraduate certificate program should generally prepare him or herself for a focused examination of the topic at hand with few, if any, supplemental classes.

These programs are often as attractive to degree holders wishing to explore an additional subject as they are to professionals wishing to obtain academic knowledge required for advancement in a given profession.

Undergraduate certificates have different costs based on the subject. Tuition also varies from one institution to the next, so direct inquiry is often the most efficient means of obtaining a reliable figure.

Career opportunities potentially generated from obtaining an undergraduate certificate are manifold, as are the subjects available. A certificate may also contribute to the initial stages of an academic career. Undergraduate students who are undecided about a course of study might find it practical to pursue these types of courses with the intent of transferring credits into the institution's degree program, if permitted. Certificates can also occasionally help enter a certain vocation requiring documentation, such as computer hardware repair or nursing.

An undergraduate certificate program provides the detailed academic examination of a subject one might expect from an undergraduate degree but often without general education requirements. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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