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Program Description

The most important theoretical contents of the best MBAs in the world (Strategy, Digital Marketing, Accounting, etc.) and linked to the analysis of dozens of successful cases (startups, corporations and local companies), all synthesized in 250 classes of 15 minutes.

How does it work

Acquire the knowledge that puts you at another level.

ThePowerMBA Mexico is not just training, it's more than that, etc.

Practical and inspiring learning system

The key theoretical knowledge along with the most inspiring success stories that will help you reinforce knowledge and understand how they apply.

Who do you learn from?

Learn with people who have already been successful, not from teachers who teach theory.

Audiovisual Format

  • 50% Theoretical classes so that you understand very well how the business works in the most up-to-date way.
  • 30% Analysis of success stories with its managers and founders to reinforce knowledge.
  • 20% Analysis of companies that are changing the world understand why and you will know how to apply it.

Flexible methodology

Advance at your pace in 15-minute classes that you can perform on the go, on any device and place.

Support and resolution of doubts

Contact our experts and your colleagues through different channels: internal chat, forum, Linkedin, etc.

Simple and intuitive

We make the difficult easy, because deep down, business is very simple. If a theory or model seems very complicated, it is because they have not taught you well. And this, in ThePowerMBA Mexico, is not going to happen to you.

Valued by the best companies

ThePowerMBA Mexico is synonymous with updated knowledge and innovation. And this is what the best companies want (Delloite, Accenture, Bain

Blockchain technology

We are the first business school that uses blockchain technology. Brainstorming over paper Helloquence / Unsplash

Program Areas

ThePowerMBA Mexico is a complete and ultra-updated program where you will learn the key concepts of all areas of a company (Marketing, Strategy, Operations, etc.) that will take you to another level.


From the best tools and models (business model canvas, strategic chart and value curves, Porter, Ansoff, etc.) and the analysis of numerous success stories, you will acquire knowledge that will allow you to be able to understand and analyze business models, competition, competitive advantages, growth strategies, etc.

  • Analysis and generation of business models
  • Digital platforms
  • Growth engines
  • External analysis
  • Competitive strategies
  • Value curve
  • the blue Ocean Strategy
  • Corporate growth strategy

Lean startup and entrepreneurship

A true manual to create profitable and sustainable business models in uncertain environments. A philosophy that transforms business strategy and that all managers and companies in the world should incorporate into their DNA.

  • Lean startup
  • Financing in a startup
  • Investor Relations
  • Incubators, accelerators and venture builder
  • Venture Capital
  • Average for equity
  • Equity crowfunding platforms


There is no digital marketing, digital marketing IS. Learn to design and implement a strategy to grow your business based on digital channels: setting goals, setting conversion goals throughout the entire funnel, use of the main tools and channels of capture, analytics, trends, etc. .

  • The customer in the center
  • Marketing Basics
  • Effective communication
  • Digital marketing basics: inbound marketing, outbound, SEO, SEM, display, kpis, etc.

Accounting and Finance

Until you understand finance and accounting you don't understand business and company. This course will help you understand, in a very intuitive way, the language and principles of accounting, how a company is financed, how an investment is analyzed, what are the main indicators and ratios used to assess profitability and risk, the main valuation methods of a company, etc.

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Valuation of investments and companies

Personal development

Soft skills necessary to grow personally and professionally.

  • Vision and objectives
  • Strengths, weaknesses and motivations

Leading organizations

Companies are made up of people, and proper management of people, their challenges, business culture, interest groups and change processes, that is, the management of organizational behavior is one of the main keys that make the difference between mediocre and excellent companies.

  • Leadership, culture and organization
  • Human Capital Management
  • Agile project management: agile, scrum

For whom

Being an ultra-updated business expert allows you to achieve the objectives you set, etc.


Acquire the most up-to-date knowledge by learning from successful people.

Be a business expert

The knowledge and tools taught in the best business schools in the world.

Take a professional turn or jump

Differentiate yourself in the Mexican market with the certification of the fastest growing business school in Europe.

Grow your business / company

Apply in your company the methodologies that succeed throughout the world.

Undertake successfully

We guide you step by step to launch your company with guarantees of success.


Join the fastest growing business community in the world.

Search and offer employment; launches entrepreneurial projects; Look for partners, investors, consultants, suppliers, customers and even friends.

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ThePowerMBA in Mexico

ThePowerMBA is a global business school with more than 10,000 students from 12 nationalities with a presence in Mexico.

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About the School

ThePowerMBA es una escuela diferente. Creemos en llevar este conocimiento a la gente inquieta y con ganas de aprender, apoyándonos en referentes por todos el mundo y con un método flexible, que permit ... Read More

ThePowerMBA es una escuela diferente. Creemos en llevar este conocimiento a la gente inquieta y con ganas de aprender, apoyándonos en referentes por todos el mundo y con un método flexible, que permite no comprometer tu ritmo de vida, ni tus finanzas. Read less
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