The Superior Technician in 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments at a Distance will prepare you to obtain one of the most powerful profiles of the current market. You will learn the artistic techniques with which you can create and design characters, scenarios and 2D and 3D animation objects .

Master the techniques to make your own video game . You yourself will create the necessary graphics and visual effects as you had imagined them. Learn step by step to model and give volume to your characters with ZBrush . Manage to perfection the most used softwares in the animation sector and create your own designs, dynamic simulations or photorealistic lighting . During two years in this Higher Cycle you will deepen in all the necessary knowledge of 3D animation. The most immediate way to focus on what you are passionate about in a profession with guarantees for the future. This degree is taught exclusively in SPANISH.

What is an HND?

The HND (Higher National Diploma) degrees are educational programs that are part of the BTEC certificate catalog offered by Pearson and belongs to the British Higher Education System , with great international recognition . As a CEV student, you now have the opportunity to study this official degree, which lasts two years , as well as that of the Spanish Higher Technician.

At CEV we offer this exclusive integrated program, which gives you the option of achieving double certification without increasing the load of teaching hours and in Spanish.

Online methodology

Our online methodology is based on an eminently practical training . You will work on new content in audiovisual format every week and you will have access to the licenses of all the necessary tools to carry out your exercises.

You will have deliveries of works every week , in which to apply new concepts and advancing in technique. Your teachers will evaluate each exercise in a personalized manner in a video correction that will remain on the platform. In the live sessions of each week with the teachers you can consult doubts and share opinions about each work.

CEV Online gives you the possibility to learn in a practical, flexible and time-free way . Your organization will be the key to adapt your time and move forward day by day. In addition, as we are an official center , you decide if to examine you in our headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona or Linares (Jaén) depending on the proximity.


The main objective of this higher cycle is that as students you handle perfectly in the development and design of video games, visual effects and in any production that requires 3D modeling and animation using the most advanced technologies in the sector.

You will be able to handle essential computer programs such as Maya, After Effects, Photoshop and ZBrush , with which to learn the techniques necessary to perform work with motion captures, character animation , dynamic simulations or photorealistic lighting.

You will achieve a professional profile fully prepared for the demands of the labor market.


  1. Color, lighting and finishes 2D and 3D
  2. Design, drawing and modeling for animation
  3. Animation of 2D and 3D elements
  4. Development of interactive multi-device and videogame environments
  5. Training and career counseling
  6. 2D and 3D audiovisual animation projects
  7. Game projects and interactive environments
  8. Realization of interactive multimedia projects
  9. Realization of audiovisual montage and postproduction
  10. Business and Entrepreneurship
  11. Project of 3D animations, games and interactive environments
  12. Formation in work centers

Professional outings

  • 3D Modeler / Texturizer for videogames
  • 3D artist for cinema
  • 3D Animator
  • Technical artist for video game development
  • Videogame graphic programmer
  • Concept artist
  • Specialist in composition and cinematographic VFX
  • 2D artist
  • Sculptor for thumbnail printing

Academic progression

When you have your Advanced Technician degree in 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments, you can access:

  • National and international University Teaching with the possibility of establishing validations in accordance with current regulations.
  • Professional specialization courses.
  • Another cycle of Vocational Training of Higher Degree with the possibility of establishing validations of modules according to the current regulations.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated April 29, 2019
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