Online Summer course in Design Studies

Best Online Summer Courses in Design Studies 2019

Design Studies

Summer courses are educational programs that are available during the summer months from learning institutions located across the globe. Some schools offer these seasonal courses in-person or online so that students can further increase their education in the manner most convenient to them.

Skilled design professionals are needed in many organizations to tool custom solutions for common problems. Because the design field encompasses a broad variety of environments and applications, specialists are needed in small business, large corporations, education, non-profits, and government.


Online Summer course in Design Studies

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Summer Programs - Design

NewSchool of Architecture and Design
Campus Full time August 2019 USA San Diego

Two-week integrative design program that explores design in California. Students will explore how California design is defined by studying their cultures, lifestyle, and industries (such as surfing, snowboarding, entertainment industry and startups). [+]

California by Design (August 14th - 24th, 2017) is an integrative design studio where students are exposed to the West Coast region as a very specific context for design innovation. California is more than a place— it’s a lifestyle and worldwide it is known as the epicenter of innovation for action sports and hi-tech products and services. This studio will uncover what it means to be Californian by exploring its cultures, lifestyles, and industries (such a surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, entertainment, and start-ups) and then examining their unique influences on fashion, behaviors, and imaginations. Students will learn how the design of artifacts relates to built environments. They will also explore how design is influenced by California’s history, culture, environment, and economic trends.... [-]