Specialization in Management for Educational Leadership and Innovation


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Program Description

Management Specialization for Leadership and Educational Innovation

Prospective studies of various international organizations have indicated that the world is heading towards transformations that impose challenges and demands on schools and educational institutions in general.

The conditions of the present century demand from those who direct them a new innovative capacity that is adaptable to global and national demands, while leading solutions adapted to the local context in which they find themselves; that is, managers with high skills are required for leadership and innovation for solution and improvement.

Since its inception, Tecnológico de Monterrey has accumulated experience in the development of leaders and directors in different sectors. With such expertise he has articulated this specialty for the professionalization of managers, now with a clearly educational approach that brings leadership and innovation skills to the field of education.

Being a leader capable of transforming education can be achieved through highly specialized professionalization and oriented towards the execution of innovative solutions, through planning, information analysis, technology use and talent development.

Addressed to

  • Managers and coordinators with the desire to enrich their educational institution by strengthening their leadership and bonding, through cutting-edge tools for educational centers and application of this knowledge in private sector institutions, public and organizations.
  • Future managers and coordinators with a desire to obtain an overview of the management role in the educational field.
  • Education professionals aspiring to serve as consultants in the private or public sector to guide projects linked to the evaluation of institutions, human capital development and institutional management.
  • Owners and entrepreneurs who wish to participate in high-level educational projects linked to educational services for institutions. Social entrepreneurship, indispensable in the new globalized and digital contexts.

Objective of the Program

This program aims to train professionals with the necessary skills to strategically manage their respective educational institutions and effectively take them to the next level of educational quality.

Benefits of Studying This Program

  • Specialized training in managers with practical implications.
  • The specialty has a postgraduate level with a short duration of three quarters.
  • Program aligned to the design innovations and alternative solutions for the challenges that managers and educational leaders face in their institutions.
  • Access to a 100% high quality online program.
  • Teaching staff composed of researchers, practitioners and specialists, educational management, leadership and innovation.
  • Linked program, with the possibility of obtaining microgrades.


The time in which the student finishes the specialty will be based on the number of subjects taken per academic period.

First trimester

  • Strategic leadership
  • Seal course: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Second quarter

  • Optional I
  • Optional II *
  • Innovative models for teacher professionalization
  • Educational evaluation for improvement
  • Transforming education through emerging technologies
  • Digital technologies
  • Educational evaluation for improvement
  • Information management for decision making
  • Negotiation in educational environments

Third trimester

  • Empowerment of equipment for transformation
  • Partnerships for financial management


  • Itinerant seminar for innovative management

* The courses offered are shown, a minimum registration is required for opening.

Admission requirements

  • Have a professional title
  • Have obtained an average equal to or greater than 80/100 or its equivalent in their professional studies.
  • Present the Admission Test to Postgraduate Studies (PAEP) of the Tecnológico de Monterrey and obtain a score equal or superior to 500 points.
  • Submit the admission application accompanied by all the required documents.

Profile of the graduate

Our graduates are people with a solid academic background, capable of:

  • Design and implement educational solutions with an ethical and socially responsible perspective to complex problems in schools, through the use of scientific methods and innovative technologies.
  • Interact with specialists from all functional areas of schools in order to define the strategies, guidelines and organizational objectives for the institution, in an environment of respect and inclusion.
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About the School

El Tecnológico de Monterrey es una institución de carácter privado, sin fines de lucro, independiente y ajena a partidos políticos y religiosos. Fue fundado en 1943 gracias a la visión del empresario ... Read More

El Tecnológico de Monterrey es una institución de carácter privado, sin fines de lucro, independiente y ajena a partidos políticos y religiosos. Fue fundado en 1943 gracias a la visión del empresario mexicano Eugenio Garza Sada. Cuenta con 31 campus y 21 sedes y oficinas de enlace internacional. Su objetivo es formar líderes con espíritu emprendedor, sentido humano y un alto nivel de competitividad. Read less
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