Specialization in Environmental Management


Program Description

The Autonomous University of the West offers the Specialization Program in Environmental Management in the VIRTUAL modality , with the purpose of contributing to form the highly qualified human resources, necessary to support from the technical point of view the development of the different components of the National Environmental System (Ministry of the Environment, Regional Corporations, Municipal Environmental Planning and Management Units, Public Enterprises, Non-Governmental Organizations and the Productive and Services Sector).

General purpose

To train specialists who can work interdisciplinarily in the diagnosis, prognosis, analysis and management of the problems that the socioeconomic development of the country generates in environmental and natural resources .

Characteristics of the program

  • Managing complexity, that is, seeking a global view of the interactions between different factors (economic, social, political and scientific - technical) related to the environment and natural resources .
  • Realist, promoting the work on the existing problems in the region, with the purpose of formulating viable options from the technical, social and political point of view.
  • Investigative, addressing problems related to different aspects of the environment and natural resources , to expand knowledge and improve management strategies.
  • Interdisciplinary, becoming a space for analysis and reflection of environmental problems , from theoretical and methodological perspectives that transcend the uni and multidisciplinary vision.

Professional profile

The graduate student of the Program will be a specialist capable of working together in:

  • The application of scientific and technical principles aimed at the sustainable use of renewable natural resources and the protection of human populations from the environmental problems created by their activities.
  • The generation of participatory modules and methodologies for the planning and administration of natural resources and the environment .
  • The development of computerized management, based on institutional and information networks. Decision making in a horizontal, concerted and interdisciplinary way.
  • The prospective and long-term analysis, combining strategies for this.

Academic staff of the program

Teachers linked to the curriculum are professionals with advanced academic training and experience in research and teaching postgraduates in their respective fields of performance.

Registration requirements

  • Professional title endorsed by the Ministry of National Education.
  • Submit and approve a personal interview with the program director.

Admission requirements

  • Access to computer with Internet connection
  • Basic computer and Internet management:
    • Word Processor (Word)
    • Navigation
    • Internet search
    • Email handling

Minimum requirements

  • 1GHz processor
  • RAM memory: 256 MB
  • Free 20GB hard drive
  • CD ROM drive: 32 X
  • Modem: 56 Kbps
  • Operating system: Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000, XP Professional; Macintosh OS8.6, OS9.1 or Jaguar (10.2); Linux workstations.
  • Word processor: Word
  • Slide Design: Power Point and Flash Player version 9.0, Microsoft
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher; Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Recommended Broadband.

Registration documentation

  • Copy of receipt of payment of registration fees
  • Registration form duly completed
  • Photocopy of the undergraduate diploma or the degree certificate.
  • Letter of proof of the position held and time of attachment (in case of being linked to an organization)
  • Two ID-size photographs, 3 x 4 white background, showing the shoulders.
  • Official record of the qualifications obtained during the undergraduate degree (Graduates of the Autonomous University of the West do not present this document)
  • Photocopy of the Cédula
  • Updated resume


For discount information applicable to each program. PBX: 318 8000, ext. 11190 or admisionpostgrado@uao.edu.co


The Autonomous University of the West offers different options to finance your enrollment, among them are:

  • Icetex graduate credit: Finances one hundred percent of the value of the Master's degree, after complying with the corresponding requirements.
  • Credit with financial institutions: Different entities in the sector offer financing options according to their needs and interests.
  • Direct credit with the University: Short-term credit. It is canceled during the academic semester.

Last updated Mar 2020

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