Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Florida Atlantic University - Executive Programs - College of Business

Program Description

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Florida Atlantic University - Executive Programs - College of Business

After successful completion of this program, participants will be certified as Six Sigma Black Belts. The participants will be equipped to manage advanced Six Sigma projects and to actively lead organization-wide improvement efforts. Black Belts will be able to utilize statistical analysis software to advance organizational cost reduction and quality improvement efforts. They will also be able to guide, mentor, and define projects for Green Belts.


The role of the Black Belt is to define projects for Green Belts, and to mentor and guide Green Belts in the completion of their projects. The Black Belt utilizes statistical analysis software to draw valid statistical conclusions, depict relationships, analyze measurement systems, test hypotheses, design experiments, apply statistical process control, and more. Black Belts manage more advanced Six Sigma projects, and serve as leaders and change agents for projects that span the enterprise. This course will provide the required skills and knowledge to fulfill this role. Successful completion of all course assignments along with successful completion of a project will result in certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Overall Course Goals

  • Teach you how to think differently and do things differently when solving problems and improving processes
  • Assess your level of learning through classroom exercises and practical application
  • Emphasize application in the real world, not classroom theory
  • Complete a project that delivers tangible results and impacts the organizations bottom line. Projects, not training, are the core of Six Sigma.
  • Develop the skills necessary to use statistical analysis software, and the wisdom to not rely on software unthinkingly
  • Prepare you to serve as a coach and mentor for Six Sigma Green Belts and other team members in your organization
  • Help you achieve your personal, job and career goals!


Candidates for the Six Sigma Black Belt certificate must be previously certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt prior to enrolling for this course, or must complete the Key Performance Six Sigma Green Belt training program prior to enrolling in this course.Candidates who are previously certified are required to show proof of certification as a Green Belt or may be required to pass the Key Performance 100-question Green Belt examination.

Candidates are required to utilize statistical analysis software, and will be required to learn about and apply:

  • Conditional and joint probability
  • Probability density functions and probability distributions
  • Descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, standard error of the mean)
  • Applied statistics (hypothesis testing, correlation analysis, regression analysis, analysis of variance (ANOVA), confidence intervals, Central Limit Theorem, Design of Experiments)

Candidates are expected to have the following high-school level math skills when they enter the program:

  • Basic algebra (solving simple equations, cross multiplication)
  • Powers, roots, logs
  • Interpolation
  • Equation for a line (slope and y intercept)
  • Proportions, percentages
  • Area under a curve

Why Six Sigma?


  • Career advancement
  • Personal growth
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Increased level of job performance
  • Improved marketability


  • Growth and advancement
  • Create an improvement system with proven tools
  • Improve your most important asset; your employees
  • Achieve organizational excellence in business process improvement
  • Excellent ROI – 10 to one or greater
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