Senior Technician in Multiplatform Application Development at a Distance


Program Description

The Higher Technician in Remote Multiplatform Applications Development offers you the opportunity to specialize in a sector with wide projection and great demand in the working world.

You will learn how to create and develop native applications for web environments and iOS operating systems (Iphone and Ipad) and Android . You will learn the programming languages that dominate the sector such as Java and C # and you will prepare to design and program web pages with HTML, CSS 3, Javascript and Jquery and you will use the Spring Boot framework.

In addition, you will know how to develop, analyze and program technological systems based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and in languages such as Python . You will discover how the gamer world works by designing 2D and 3D virtual environments and programming video games with Unity, and you will learn how to control the entire process of agile development methodologies with which to carry out collaborative projects such as SCRUM and Lean Development . This degree is taught exclusively in SPANISH.

What is an HND?

The HND (Higher National Diploma) degrees are educational programs that are part of the BTEC certificate catalog offered by Pearson and belongs to the British Higher Education System , with great international recognition . The CEV students have the possibility of obtaining this official degree, which lasts two years , as well as that of the Spanish Higher Technician.

This integrated program that we offer at CEV exclusively, offers you the advantage of achieving double certification without the need to increase the load of teaching hours and in Spanish to make it easier for you.

Online methodology

  • Become a member at CEV

You will have the option to attend for free the master classes and training activities that are taught in our centers in Madrid and Barcelona.

  • Learn collectively

Through the platform you will work as a team with your colleagues, with whom to communicate socially, share opinions and expand your knowledge.

  • Move at your own pace

Manage your time to do the internship, view masterclass and attend online classes with your teacher where you can solve your doubts.

  • Exclusive teaching material

You will have specific audiovisual content, detailed feedback of each practice and streaming classes that you can see on the platform as many times as you want.

  • Custom tracking

You will be accompanied at all times by teachers who will teach you and advise you how to implement everything learned in each practical exercise.

  • Official degree

In CEV we have an efficient online methodology that guarantees an educational quality oriented to the labor market.


  • Create multiplatform applications for the operating systems that dominate the market: iOS (Iphone and Ipad) and Android.
  • Program and design video games for mobile devices.
  • Create 2D and 3D design concepts for the video game industry.
  • Design and create databases for any type of projects.
  • It develops the whole process of creative applications.
  • Analyze and develop hardware-software systems and server systems for communications, integration and localization.
  • Create commercial software products to develop a collaborative plan integrated in a company.
  • Handles the pioneer languages in the market: Java, Swift and C #.

University progression

You have the opportunity to get the Official American University Degree in Computer Engineering if you choose the option of taking a third year at a distance.

The academic agreement we have at CEV with Marconi International University of Miami allows you to obtain this degree after completing your studies as a Senior Technician in Multiplatform Applications Development HND in Computing in online and face-to-face modalities.


First course

  1. Introduction to the programming and development of Android Apps
  2. Latest generation hardware systems. Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. Design, modeling and 3D animation
  4. Development with Unity, of multiplatform videogames, for multiplayer environments
  5. Gamification and design of mechanics of a game
  6. Brand languages and information management systems: Web and HTML
  7. Design and implementation of databases
  8. Training and career counseling

Second course

  1. Data access
  2. Development of interfaces (UI) and user experience (UX)
  3. Multimedia programming for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch)
  4. Business management systems
  5. Programming of communication and consumption services and APIs.
  6. Business and Entrepreneurship
  7. App development project
  8. Technical English
  9. Formation in work centers

Professional outings

  • Developer of commercial applications iOS and Android
  • Designer of commercial applications iOS and Android
  • Video Game Developer for mobile terminals
  • Database designer and programmer
  • Server systems developer
  • Web Designer and Programmer
  • Project manager multiplatform
  • Software project analyst
  • Developer of applications deployed on next-generation hardware platforms: Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • Analyst and programmer of Internet of Things (IoT)

Academic progression

When you have your Advanced Technician in Application Development Multiplatadorma diploma you can access:

  • National and international University Teaching with the possibility of establishing validations in accordance with current regulations.
  • Professional specialization courses.
  • Another cycle of Vocational Training of Higher Degree with the possibility of establishing validations of modules according to the current regulations.
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