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Program Description

We have 2 basic formats for our programs:

  • Academic year Program
  • Summer Program

Each program features:

  • The opportunity to take individual classes and classes in a mini-group (2-6 students). Group classes (7-12 students) are available if you come in a group.
  • 5 levels of instruction: from beginner to advanced. Placement levels are determined by testing upon arrival.
  • At all levels students are offered courses in pronunciation, speaking, writing, reading, grammar and cultural studies.
  • At intermediate-advanced levels, programs can be complemented by additional mini-courses, such as:
    • Reading Russian fiction.
    • Reading newspapers and magazines.
    • Viewing the best Russian films.
    • Introduction to Russian history and culture (including the history and culture of Siberia).
    • Business Russian.
    • Russian for science, engineering, and art.
    • Besides practical lessons, lectures on Russian/Siberian history, economy, ecology, and literature can also be arranged.
  • Training for taking TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language)
    • A certificate of successful completion is awarded at the end of each student's program.

If credit transfer is needed our university is ready to negotiate conditions with your university.


CIEP SUCCESS comes from our commitment to design and implement a program individually for YOU!

The program designed for you will engage the expertise of our staff. We utilize an extensive collection of language teaching resources that includes many textbooks, videos, and multimedia materials.

Based upon the application information, we will ask you to sign a Contract, so that an official invitation can be extended from the Russian government. With this information, we will begin to design a program of study for you and send you a contract with an invoice.

Our Process for Designing YOUR Russian language and culture program:

BEFORE YOU ARRIVE we need information about your Russian Language skills:

  • If you have studied the Russian language before. If yes, then:
    • what is your current command of Russian,
    • for how long and how many hours per week have you taken.
  • We also need to know:
    • the format of the program you have chosen (Year-round program, summer courses);
    • the type of classes you prefer (individual or mini-group);
    • duration of your course in our center (one semester, one year etc.);
    • number of hours per week (20 or 12);
    • any additional courses you are interested in.

Upon your arrival in Novosibirsk:

  1. Teachers of the center meet with you to further discuss your Russian language background and needs. This interview allows us to personally assess your initial Russian language skills and may include written or oral placement tests. Before beginning your studies, we want to know what your present language skill level is in order to design a program that will meet your needs. This program will be considerate of the time you have available to comfortably challenge you to develop further.
  2. After your interview and skill assessment, our staff meets to consider what resource options will be BEST for YOU. Our staff will design a preliminary program and assign a teacher to you. Your program may include individual or mini-group (6 students or less) classes depending upon your needs, and the availability of other students to form a group during your time at CIEP.

Year-round Program

  • Available all academic year (from September 1 until May 31).
  • Please note: if you want to come in September you have to apply not later than May.
  • Intensity of classes: 12 or 20 hours per week if you need an invitation from NSU; minimum 4 hours if you are in Russia already.
  • An academic hour is 45 minutes long.
  • Course length: minimum of 2 weeks, depending on the purpose and wishes of the student.
  • Lessons are taught Monday through Friday. Depending on their contract, students may have classes either 3 days (12 hours) or 5 days (20 hours) per week.
  • Two forms of instruction are possible: mini-group classes and individual classes.

Tuition Fee

Mini-group classes

  • For 1 year (712 academic hours): 3560 €

You may choose the following option if you already have an intermediate (B1) level:

  • For 1 year (416 academic hours): 2190 €

Individual classes

  • For 1 year (712 academic hours): 10680€
  • For 1 year (416 academic hours): 6450€

Summer Program

Please note that you have to apply 3 months before the starting date.

Available from June 4 - August 17.

Duration – From 3 to 12 weeks, depending on the purpose and wishes of the student.

The beginning of lessons:

  • Mini-groups start the first week of every month
  • Individual classes may begin at any time convenient to the student
  • Intensity of classes: lessons are 45 minutes long and are taught Monday through Friday
  • Mini-groups – 20 hours per week
  • Individually – from 12 to 20 hours per week

Students have the opportunity to arrange courses according to their individual needs and interests.

Fees (20 hours per week)

2 weeks:

  • Individual classes: 760 €
  • Mini-group classes: 320 €

11 weeks:

  • Individual classes: 3740 €
  • Mini-group classes: 1320 €
Last updated Feb 2019

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