Professional Program Certificate in Risk Management of Work Related Injuries using RAMP (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)


Program Description

Improve the work environment using the RAMP-tool to; identify and assess musculoskeletal risks, and develop and implement solutions.

In this Professional Certificate program, learners will become proficient in managing and improving the work environment with regard to preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) gained from manual work.

You will learn how to perform systematic risk management from identification and assessment of risks, to the development of solutions and action plans, with the use of RAMP. RAMP is a newly launched tool for the assessment and handling of MSD risks in manual handling jobs. RAMP stands for Risk Assessment and Management tool for manual handling Proactively. The RAMP tool is unique in its high usability, developed and evaluated scientifically, in close collaboration between industry and researchers from KTH.

Utilizing the RAMP tool in a proficient way leads to positive effects for individuals as well as for organizations and society. Reducing individuals’ musculoskeletal injuries or muscle pain at the workplace does not only benefit the working staff but is a cost-benefit for companies as well as for society at large.

This Professional Certificate program offers hands-on training on how to use the RAMP tool for systematic risk management of MSDs in manual handling jobs. The Program comprises of three courses that each will take 15-25 hours of work to complete. With the completion of all three courses, learners will receive proficiency proof in the RAMP tool in the form of a Professional Certificate.

Job Outlook

  • This Professional Certificate will increase your career and job outlook within consultancy work in ergonomics, production planning, or health promotion work/HR within companies interested to reduce costs and ensure a sustainable work environment.
  • Relevant to those working in hands-on injury risk management for engineers or production managers with staff responsibility.
  • Career prospects include Ergonomist, Production Manager/Engineer, Change Manager, Human Factors Specialist/Engineer, Ergonomics and Human Factors, Educationalist in Ergonomics/Human Factors and risk assessment and risk management.

What You'll Learn

  • How to apply RAMP systematically, and with proficiency perform risk management of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in manual handling jobs.
  • Perform MSD risk assessments.
  • Develop risk-reducing measures.
  • Develop and communicate action plans for how to systematically improve the work environment.

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Created by leading companies and top universities, Professional Certificate programs are a series of in-demand courses designed to develop the critical skills needed for today’s top jobs.

Courses in the Professional Certificate Program

  • Assessment of Work-Related Injury Risks using RAMP I
  • Assessment of Work-Related Injury Risks using RAMP II
  • Proficiency in using RAMP for Risk Management of work-related injuries

Further Information

  • Average Length: 5 weeks per course
  • Number Of Courses: 3 Courses in Program
  • Subject: Health & Safety, Engineering, Business & Management
  • Institution: KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Languages: English
  • Video Transcripts: English
  • Price (USD): Originally $450 USD, now $405 USD for the entire program. You save $45 USD.
Last updated Sep 2019

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