Professional Program Certificate in IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals (Universitat Politècnica de Valencia)


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Program Description

Learn the basic concepts of Information Systems and their application and the terminology used in IT to advance your career

This introductory program is designed to give business professionals the basic background on Information Technology (IT) to let them get the most in their interaction with IT professionals, either from their company or from external corporation, as they will have a deeper understanding when identifying requirements, evaluating workloads or supervising results in the IT field.

Through this program, you will learn the basic concepts of information systems and their application, and gain familiarity with the terminology used within the IT field.

This program covers the following topic areas:
  • Information Systems and Office Application Software in Organizations: Standard office suite tools, office systems (email, conferencing, etc.), basics of desktop operating systems. Internet, web browsers, Electronic Data Interchange, and enterprise-wide systems.
  • Hardware and Systems Technology: Computers and their components, data representation and processing. Computer networks, client/server architecture, operating systems architecture, and wireless computing.
  • Information Systems Software Development: Software development, systems development, information processing, user interface design and standards, software project management.
  • Programming Concepts and Data Management: Programming languages and logic, object-oriented methods, data types and structures, file types, databases, SQL. Web technologies and development, data warehousing and data mining.
  • Business, Social, and Ethical Implications and Issues: Economic effects, business strategies, privacy concerns, security threats and controls, intellectual property and careers in information technology.

Job Outlook

  • Project managers who work on projects related to Information Technology.
  • A middle manager in any department that interacts with IT.
  • Product manager for any product with an IT component.

What You'll Learn

  • How Information Technology is used in organizations.
  • An overview of how computers and communications networks work.
  • Basic concepts of software development and project management.
  • Fundamental concepts of computer programming.
  • Computer threats, hackers, antivirus, and information security.
  • Social and ethical implications of IT.

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Courses in this Program

  • IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals: Enterprise Systems
  • IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals: Hardware
  • IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals: Software development
  • IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals: Programming
  • IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals: Cybersecurity and social implications

Further Information

  • Average Length: 3-4 weeks per course
  • Effort: 3-6 hours per week, per course
  • Number Of Courses: 5 Courses in Program
  • Subject: Computer Science
  • Institution: Universitat Politècnica de Valencia
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Video Transcripts: English, Spanish
  • Price (USD): Originally $375 USD, now $337.50 USD for the entire program. You save $37.50 USD.
Last updated Sep 2019

About the School

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