Professional master's degree in business management, marketing and advertising


Program Description

INEAFA globalized market, e-commerce and empowerment through marketing to position themselves in the market, becomes an opportunity in which good training in this field can make a difference. Therefore, this Master in Business Management, Marketing and Advertising, will create the profile worker or employer required by this market.


The student who pursue this Master, will have the knowledge to develop strategies and marketing policies taking into account all associated with the sale of products and services that allow them to increase sales of your business, or business factors for working or go to work, so that the client receives from first contact through the buying process and ending after-sales service, the highest quality possible. The primary objective is to acquire managerial and leadership for the management of human and digital resources to manage marketing campaigns excellent skills. The e-commerce and digital marketing will be key pieces that the student will get master.

Professional practices

Are you looking for placements? You want to be competitive / a in the labor market and ensure your professional success? The completion of this Professional Master in Business Management, Marketing and Advertising This will allow internships in companies with a maximum duration of 6 months.

INEAF allows you to do internships in companies quickly and efficiently. Boost your career working in companies of great national and international projection.

If you need to gain experience in your industry you can find the opportunity you are looking for. INEAF opens the door to your future career.

Who should attend

This master is a versatile public, since its complexity is in the degree of utilization of who attends, and not on the level of knowledge. Student creativity is very important. Any person, whether licensed or that this ending any college career, or employee of any company in departments such as human resources, business, or any business that wants to boost your business, you can take this master in order to acquire all possible tools to sell more and better offering quality communication, distribution and management and commercial management itself. The most common profile is the one that is associated with areas of knowledge such as business, economics, management, marketing techniques, human resource management, or even right, but the versatility in its application allows anyone to benefit from this knowledge.

What you up

This Master consists of a set of training modules covering all areas of knowledge of Marketing for the management and direction including the latest developments and trends in the current Digital Marketing so present in the global e-commerce as a key piece of marketing products and services. We equip students with knowledge in business management models and human resources for management focused marketing campaigns. They are able to analyze the key elements of advertising and communication. We provide students with the key tools for analysis and study of markets to develop marketing strategies. We also give students knowledge about the legal framework that fits the possible actions of marketing digital marketing especially in e-commerce. You know analyze marketing strategies at international level, and students will acquire knowledge of patents and trademarks as a representation of a product or service as an asset in marketing. In addition, international trade where English is the language used for communication, prepare the student perfected his English in terms, conversations and situations that most will be in their day day.

Description of Methodology

Our method of study is based on the integration of formative factors and the use of new technologies. Our team has set itself the objective of integrating both areas so that our students interact with a VIRTUAL CAMPUS agile and easy to use. A platform designed to facilitate the study, where students get all the necessary support.

Our methodology of online learning, fully oriented practice is designed so that students progress through the educational units of the different modules and perform the tasks (Practical activities, questionnaires, case records and assumptions reflection) that he will proposing along the learning path.

At the end of their training activity, students will be able to transform academic knowledge in professional knowledge.

Evaluation system

INEAF training actions are structured in modules, consisting of teaching units, practical activities, seminars, forums and conferences, among others.

Each module will be assessed separately according to the results of mandatory and optional tests proposals and valuations tutor.

To overcome the various modules students will have to achieve a minimum level of understanding of the theoretical contents and implementing them in practical activities and in our "Supercaso".

Resources (Platform Online 3.0, printed material, ...)

In our quest to adapt learning philosophy 3.0 and encourage the use of new technological resources in the company, we have developed a Virtual Campus (Online Training Platform 3.0) exclusive art with a functional and innovative design.

Among the tools available you will find: tutoring service, chat, messaging and virtual study tools (examples, practical activities -of calculation, reflection, development, etc., video examples and video tutorials plus "supercasos", covering modules complete and offer the students an overview on specific matters).

The students will have unlimited access to the contents printed manuals in addition with the theoretical contents of each module, which will serve as support to complete their training.

Last updated Mar 2020

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INEAF, Instituto Europeo de Asesoría Fiscal es una escuela de negocios especialista en Formación ONLINE jurídico-Tributaria, cuya actividad formativa está enfocada a la práctica Profesional .Nuestro amplío Catálogo Formativo se centra en las áreas Contable, Mercantil, Fiscal y Laboral y tiene como objetivo proporcionar a nuestros alumnos una formación práctica permitiéndoles , tanto si son estudiantes como... Read less