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Program Description

Why This Program?

The Master in Ecommerce Management Online of IM is the first program that offers a 360 vision of the discipline: from the projection of the business model, through the creation of the store and ending in the strategic management and direction of an e-commerce.

Choose this program if you want to create or redirect your online store to improve its results or if your goal is to lead the e-commerce department of a company and successfully interact with any member of the team both technically and operatively.


“Understand the business models that can work for each type of e-commerce”
  • Increase traffic to e-commerce using recruitment tools.
  • Organically position e-commerce so that it is easily found by users.
  • Create effective ad campaigns that increase sales.
  • Optimize design and usability to increase conversion.
  • Lead teams to create the digital products that your strategies need: landing pages, apps, campaigns, banners, etc.
  • Analyze and monitor the results to redirect the strategy.
  • Learn to test different options to be safe when launching emailings, campaigns, design changes, etc.

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Who is it headed to?

  • You want to start your own online store and you need a complete training that gives you guarantees of success.
  • You have an e-commerce and want to redirect its performance.
  • You work in the digital field and want to specialize in a discipline with a lot of projection.
  • Your goal is to lead an e-commerce management team effectively and getting the best performance.
  • You want to offer consulting services for digital businesses to expand your product portfolio.
  • You feel the need to reinvent your career and want to bet on a constantly growing sector.


  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Projects Management
  • Usability and User Experience- UX
  • Mobile Marketing and Digital Trends
  • Email Marketing, Affiliation and CRM
  • Google Ads Initiation
  • Google Ads
  • Initiation in Search Engine Positioning (SEO)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Modalities and Methodology

The methodology used in International Marketing for the learning and teaching of the students in the different courses is based on the concept of personalizing, as much as possible, the training of the students, so much so that the latter will choose the time dedicated to the guided study. for a planning established by the center. For this reason we offer three methods of study:

  • E-learning, where all the training and material is online.
  • Blended Learning or mixed, which combines face-to-face training with online training.
  • Face-to-face, where he bases his training on face-to-face classes.

In both methods, a flexibility is promoted in the management of time by the student, always guided by a few temporary paths. Collaborative work, participation and contact at all times with the teacher specialized in the subject, will make the entire training process a simple and bearable task. For all this, the cloister is composed of highly qualified professionals in each specialty.


In the E-Learning mode, the student bases his learning on online work through our virtual campus. Each student has a program of activities and study in the online campus to achieve their objectives. It has the figure of the teacher and the tutor.

Admission and Requirements

Candidates accrediting having a Higher degree may access this program. Those candidates who do not have a higher degree may access the program by virtue of their professional merits, training or equivalent merits.

In addition to these requirements, candidates must complete an application for admission and, depending on the outcome of the same, a personal interview.

The steps to follow are:


(*) In case the candidate was not admitted , IM will fully refund the amount of the Tuition.
The confirmation of place cannot be guaranteed until the process is complete and will be by strict order of place, this process will last approx. 72 hours
Additionally IM, you can request other information such as cv, letter of motivation, English level, work experience and / or accreditation of the information provided.
The objective is to guide the student to the most suitable program based on their training, experience, dedication time and training objective.

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About the School

IM es la mayor Digital Business School del mundo, con presencia en más de 20 países y más de 50 programas formativos que abarcan todas las disciplinas de negocio digital. Ofrecemos doble titulación, ... Read More

IM es la mayor Digital Business School del mundo, con presencia en más de 20 países y más de 50 programas formativos que abarcan todas las disciplinas de negocio digital. Ofrecemos doble titulación, prácticas en departamentos de marketing aseguradas, formación 100% práctica, un campus virtual de última generación, temarios actualizados continuamente y los mejores profesores que a su vez son profesionales en activo. Read less
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