Professional master sds management of cultural projects


20 locations available

Program Description


  • Follow his training in e-learning
  • Manage a cultural project in its entirety
  • Manage a team
  • Consider and understand the economic realities and challenges of the managerial function
  • Manage projects in a comprehensive and integrated approach
  • Strengthen her English for effective business use.
  • Develop and design a sustainable project.


The MASTER PROFESSIONAL SDS® MANAGEMENT CULTURAL PROJECTS is a European diploma from the INSHED. The training allows to be professionally operational by the beginning of your career and enjoy good employability, beyond even your country.


100% success rate at sessions of the October 2015 review


To start your training project, nothing more simple, you simply download the detailed training that interests you. From that moment :

  • We support you in your thinking,
  • We reflect with you on the suitability of your chosen course with the training,
  • We validate you with all the practical aspects (training, exams, job alternation ...)
  • We also advise you on possible funding,
  • And of course, our advice, as taking charge of your case, are graceful.
Last updated February 2016

About the School

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