Learn how organizational collaboration helps business partners align their objectives, processes and tools, reducing rework.

The need to implement collaboration in organizations is the fundamental basis of this Professional Certification program, which seeks to optimize the value network of those who apply it and generate significant benefits for market partners. The collaboration involves multiple areas of an organization, in addition to logistics.

Initially, the program is made up of two online courses, a course of basic principles, where the concept of value network that is of great importance for any company, business or company that wants to compete in the market with quality and efficiency will be known. . Likewise, the broad concept of collaboration applied to the relationship with customers, suppliers and competitors will be identified.

The second online course allows us to establish collaboration tools and success stories that have encouraged other companies to apply this methodology in their processes, obtaining broad benefits in the efficiency of their value networks.

Work perspective

  • This Professional Certification program will provide the student with the tools so that he can implement better processes in the information, production and money flows of an organization.
  • It is aimed at professionals in logistics in Latin America, and will allow them to show their skills and preparation in the application of collaboration models in an organization.
  • You can exercise your skills preparing companies on these issues, and in the same way you can implement collaboration models in your own organization.

What you will learn

  • Sustainable value networks and benefits of collaboration for national and international organizations.
  • Organizational elements of collaboration and collaboration models applied between customers and suppliers, competition and logistics clusters
  • Identification standards for the collaboration model in organizations
  • Collaboration strategies that impact the value network and indicators and processes that impact collaboration
  • Change management for collaboration processes


  • Fundamentals of collaboration in organizations
  • Tools for collaboration in value networks

More information

  • Average duration: 5 weeks per course.
  • Effort: 4-5 hours per week, per course.
  • Number of courses: 2 courses in the program
  • Topic: Business and Administration, Economics and Finance, Engineering, Social Sciences
  • Institution: LOGYCA
  • Spanish Language
  • Video transcriptions: Spanish
  • Price (USD): Originally $ 99.80 USD, now $ 89.82 USD for the entire program. You save $ 9.98 USD.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated August 30, 2019
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Originally $ 99.80 USD, now $ 89.82 USD for the entire program. You save $ 9.98 USD.
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