Pro Tools Course

A must to become music producer working in recording studios requirement is to manage Pro Tools, the main production platform and sound and fundamental tool for composers and producers. With Pro Tools course that we offer in CPA Online You can carry out the entire process of production from MIDI programming, to mixing and mastering.

During the course of pro tools, you go always assimilating all the theory while you realize practical examples that allow you to consolidate your knowledge. Know approach projects from pre-production, reference recordings and know the different techniques of editing, mixing, compression and EQ.

Our methodology is based on very explanatory tutorials like those used in the Berkley, a training system worldwide reference system. It combines theoretical and practical knowledge and Specialize in music production with pro tools course. You'll be prepared to work in recording studios. A profession with a future at your fingertips!

*Included Material: The course includes student X Pro Tools version 11 version (compatible with Windows operating systems and MAC)


  1. Introduction to the music industry, and your Pro Tools Home Studio
  2. Pre-production and recording in Pro Tools
  3. MIDI Editing in Pro Tools
  4. Editing Audio in Pro Tools
  5. Introduction to mixing and mastering in Pro Tools

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Start Date
Sep 2020
350 hours
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Start Date
Sep 2020
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Sep 2020

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