Extraordinary Course:

Principles of On-Line Interior Design.

Custom time and duration. Duration: 20 hours. 2 Credits. Cost: 90 € Ordinary Registration. 60 € University students.

Principles of On-Line Interior Design

Certificate: Every two months will be issued an Official Diploma issued by the University of Salamanca.

It is a course open to all kinds of people, no prerequisite is necessary. With the enrollment in the Extraordinary Course will be able to have access to the Studium platform, will be informed once enrolled how to access and how to download the topics and upload the exercises. In the Extraordinary Course, Basic Principles of Interior Design every day will be hanging videos of each of the topics to be discussed. After several topics will be proposed an exercise that will have to be performed and uploaded to the digital platform of Studium University, to ensure that the topics have been understood. Finally, each student will be given a diploma of participation. As an online course the days and hours of training are flexible, each student will adapt it according to their needs.

Day 1.

  • Visual perception. Definition of scope. As you vary the dimensions, small interiors look great, large interiors that look cozy. 1h 10min.
  • Sensory and emotional perception. How to design interior spaces to generate different emotions and feelings in the user and the client. 1h 32 min.

Day 2.

  • Color. Classes of colors used in the interior design and its application and ways of combining, according to the type of space and our objectives. 2h 10min
  • Traditional materials. Definition and way of applying and combining traditional materials most used in Interior Design. 1h 40 min.

Day 3.

  • Contemporary materials. Definition and way of applying and combining contemporary materials most used in Interior Design.1h 12min
  • EXERCISE 1. min. 30 min.
  • Anatomy and furniture. Classes and Types of Furniture. The concept of comfort in the furniture. Height and measures of furniture according to different needs.

Day 4.

  • Actions and circulations. Accessibility. How to arrange the furniture in an interior space.1h 30min
  • Perception of spatial filters: transparency, permeability, reflection and framing. How can we use these concepts to achieve very differentiated interiors with small operations. 1h 40min

Day 5.

  • The light. Types of light and lighting. Ways of arranging the lighting in interior spaces. 1h 25min
  • The picture. It will be analyzed where to dispose image in the interior spaces and the form of
  • dispose of it. Pictures, vinyls, advertisements, prices, labels ... 1h 38min
  • EXERCISE 2. 30min.

Two exercises are proposed along the course that consist of the analysis of interior images proposed by the teacher and proposals to improve them as explained in the video tutorials. These analyzes can be written simply, but can be increased with drawings, plans, reference images. For students who perform them in a written form is sufficient to manage the word program, and the minimum extension may be a folio. The exercises will be uploaded very simply to the Studium platform or sent by email.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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