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Program Description


Electronic Sports (also known as Esports) are a form of competition between two or more players / teams using video games. It is a relatively new industry, but it already generates revenues in excess of one billion dollars annually, having one of the highest growth rates in the entertainment industries. This is due in particular to the fact that brands invest in Esports Marketing as a way to communicate and interact with large audiences.

Currently, one of the biggest challenges of this Industry is to find properly qualified human resources that can bring a whole new level of professionalism and quality to the industry.

To meet this need, the Universidade Europeia launches an innovative program with all the knowledge and tools that will enable the training of highly qualified human resources in the area of esports management.

The Faculty of this program is characterized by its effective practical experience, the value it can add to the Esports industry and also by its international and global dimension. In this sense, we will have modules taught in Portuguese, but also modules taught in English through a truly global approach.


  • The only program on the market that offers the necessary skills to train professionals to work in the area of marketing, business and esports management;
  • Distinguished faculty with recognized experience in the world esports market;
  • Strongly practice-oriented program;
  • Extent of the curricular units that make up the course and that allows the trainees to have the essential competences;
  • Innovative format of great versatility (at a distance).


Make available to esports professionals, present or future, the domain of knowledge and skills enabling them to perform functions in the following areas:

  • Organization and production of esports events / competitions;
  • Marketing in esports organizations;
  • Sports marketing in sports organizations;
  • Team Management;
  • Sales and Sponsorship in the area of esports;
  • Entrepreneurship in the esports industry.


This training proposal is accessible to both Licensed and unlicensed.

  • Esports project manager (teams, leagues, tournaments, events);
  • Head of esports events production;
  • Head of league and tournament production;
  • Head of marketing for an esports organization;
  • Sales director of an esports organization;
  • Esports specialist at a marketing and communication agency;
  • Esports specialist in the Marketing and Communication Department of a consumer brand;
  • Esports specialist in the Marketing and Communication Department of a sports club;
  • Entrepreneurs in the area of esports;
  • Other professionals wishing to obtain advanced knowledge in this area.


Module 1 - The Esports Industry

  • Competitive Games and Digital Platforms
  • Esports as Competition and Entertainment I
  • Esports as Competition and Entertainment II
  • Electronic Sports Trends
  • Legislation and Esports I
  • Legislation and Esports II
  • Case Resolution & Assessment

Module 2 - Esports Event Management

  • Introduction to Esports Events
  • Face-to-face Events: Planning I
  • Face-to-face Events: Planning II
  • Communication Plan
  • Logistics and Supplier Management
  • Human resource Management
  • Financial Management of events
  • Face-to-face Events: Operationalization I
  • Face-to-face Events: Operationalization II
  • Competition Management I
  • Competition Management II
  • Production & Content at events I
  • Production & Content at events II
  • Case Resolution & Assessment

Module 3 - Marketing and Communication in Esports

  • Esports Marketing
  • Brand Activation and Development I
  • Brand Activation and Development II
  • Social Media & Social Networking
  • Sponsorship Assets Development I
  • Sponsorship Assets II development
  • Sponsorship Program Development
  • Sale and Negotiation of Sponsorship Programs
  • Control and Performance in Marketing
  • Case Resolution & Assessment

Module 4 - Management of Esports Teams

  • Team structures, leadership and management
  • Content creation for teams
  • The Esports training process
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Motivation, retention and talent development
  • Player Representation
  • Financial management of teams
  • Case Resolution & Assessment
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The Universidade Europeia is located in Portugal and offers access to student-centered quality education.

The Universidade Europeia is located in Portugal and offers access to student-centered quality education. Read less
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