Currently more data is generated in two days than in our entire contemporary history. The management of massive data is known as Big Data and is one of the fundamental keys for effective management in companies . According to Gartner, the market will need 4.4 million professionals trained in the field of Big Data for this year.

The management of customer data and sales can completely transform the world of marketing . It has gone from making large mass communication campaigns with a single message to mass customization with a specific message for each one of us, with a much more relevant and effective communication.

With the Postgraduate in Big Data Marketing we will learn to know our client to better define our marketing strategy and improve the effectiveness of our communication. For this we will work on a Big Data project in the marketing area in order to make the most of the data and transform it into knowledge through the development of mathematical and statistical analysis with the most effective technological tools.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of the Postgraduate in Big Data Marketing you will be perfectly capable of:

  • Know and know how to develop and implement a Business Intelligence / Big Data project within the marketing and business area of a company.
  • Get to understand all the steps to follow within a Big Data project . From the initial moment with the architecture of the data as the strategy to follow with the knowledge extracted from the data.
  • Management and data management: data structure, loading, analysis, creation of processes and algorithms to better optimize our resources.
  • Optimization of the work of Marketing Intelligence .
  • Advanced client management
  • Management of CRM and Business Intelligence tools .

Who is it for?

The Postgraduate in Big Data Marketing provides training specifically oriented to the following profiles:

  • Marketing, communication and technical professionals who want to take a leap forward in competitiveness.
  • Executives and entrepreneurs looking for training to expand their professional skills and develop their business vision.
  • Statisticians, mathematicians and technicians who want to develop their career in the world of the Data Scientist for Marketing .
  • Students and junior professionals looking for ways to guide and develop their career in the field of Business Intelligence / Big Data .


The structure and subjects of the Postgraduate in Big Data Marketing is organized as follows:

Module 1. Introduction to the World of Big Data and Business Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence Basics
  • Big Data vs Business Intelligence
  • How to develop a good Big Data project
  • Masterclass: Project implementation
  • Masterclass: Case Study

Module 2. ETL process. From Data to Information

  • Treatment of the data
  • Key analysis and creation of algorithms
  • Creation of dashboards
  • Masterclass: ETL processes
  • Masterclass: Creation of dashboards

Module 3. Customer Analytics

  • Customer centric strategy
  • Customer segmentation
  • Management of customer value
  • Masterclass: Segmentation exercises with R
  • Masterclass: Practical Cases of Customer Analytics

Module 4. How to Exploit Big Data in Marketing

  • Email, SMS, postal marketing
  • Web
  • Loyalty programs
  • Masterclass: Retail marketing
  • Masterclass: Case Study

Graduate Project

* The syllabus and masterclasses may suffer modifications motivated by the update and improvement thereof

Program taught in:
  • Spanish (Spain)

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Last updated January 12, 2019
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