Postgraduate Certificate in Mathematics

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Postgraduate Certificate in Mathematics

The Open University

Postgraduate Certificate in Mathematics

The Postgraduate Certificate in Mathematics is awarded on successful completion of 60 credits of postgraduate mathematics study. The certificate course is a valuable qualification in itself or it can be the first qualification in a programme of mathematics study leading to a postgraduate diploma or an MSc. The modules offered may well be of interest to mathematically inclined scientists and engineers, as well as to mathematicians.

Educational aims

This qualification will:

  • provide you with the opportunity to build on the knowledge and skills that you acquired through your successful study at undergraduate level
  • provide you with the opportunity to gain support and guidance as a postgraduate learner
  • enable you to study Mathematics at taught postgraduate level required by the National Framework for Postgraduate Certificates.

Teaching, learning and assessment methods

All relevant material is taught in the module texts and through the study of set books. Your knowledge is built up gradually, with learning fostered by in-text examples. You assess your own progress and understanding by using the in-text problems and exercises at the end of each unit. You also engage with what is taught by attempting the tutor-marked assignment (TMA) questions, and your understanding is reinforced by personal feedback from your tutor in the form of comments based on your TMA answers.

Your understanding of principles, concepts, and techniques is assessed through TMA questions and the final, unseen, three-hour examination for each module.

The University wishes to emphasise that, while every effort is made to regularly update this site, the material on it is subject to alteration or amendment in the light of changes in regulations or in policy or of financial or other necessity.

Career impact

Mathematics is at the heart of advances in science, engineering and technology, as well as being an indispensable problem-solving and decision-making tool in many other areas of life. It is no surprise therefore that mathematics postgraduates can be found throughout industry, business and commerce, in the public and private sectors. Employers value the intellectual rigour and reasoning skills that mathematics students can acquire, their familiarity with numerical and symbolic thinking and the analytic approach to problem-solving which is their hallmark.

There are a variety of reasons for studying mathematics at postgraduate level. You may want a postgraduate qualification in order to distinguish yourself from an increasingly large graduate population. You may find, particularly if you are a professional programmer or work in finance, that your undergraduate mathematical knowledge is becoming insufficient for your career requirements, especially if you are hoping to specialise in one of the more mathematical areas, which are becoming more sought after by employers. The extent of opportunities is vast and mathematics postgraduates are equipped with skills and knowledge required for jobs in fields such as finance, education, engineering, science and business, as well as mathematics and mathematical science research.

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