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Program Description

  • Duration of study (years): 1.5 years or 3 semesters
  • Title of studies: Postgraduate Diploma in Theology
  • Level of Title of Study: Postgraduate (2nd Cycle of Studies)
  • Language of instruction: Greek
  • Method of Study: Distance Learning
  • Minimum Credit Units: 36
  • Minimum European Credit Units (ECTS): 90

Program Description


  • To provide quality postgraduate training clergy and laity theologians, as well as to teachers, because of religious instruction taught in primary education, scholars and graduates of the humanities and social sciences and other disciplines University graduates, who they wish to deepen and develop their interdisciplinary training in a modern learning framework of Orthodox Theology.
  • To study the role of Christianity in the modern world, the historical and theological foundation of, the works of the great Fathers of the Church and the relationship of Orthodoxy with other denominations and religions. Special emphasis is on Christian education, the media and the ways in which theoretical developments can improve pedagogical practice.

During the study:

  • Investigated the domain of Biblical Studies, Ecclesiastical History in general and the history of the Church of Cyprus, Greece, the Balkans, Russia and the Patriarchates in particular, as well as the sector of Pedagogic, Philosophy of Education, Christian Education, and the use of multimedia .
  • The survey in the Patristic and hagiographical Studies in the field of patristic literature and theology, based on the works of the Great Fathers of the Church and of the Saints Epiphanius of Cyprus Neophytos the enclosed.
  • Emphasis is also given in Pastoral Theology, in order to establish, especially the clergy and the laity, the pastoral, catechetical and missionary work of the Church, while review of Modern Sociology and Ethics, addressing social, ethical, bioethical and ecological problems. Simultaneously, research extends the study and examination of past and modern religionists flows, with special emphasis on Islam and interreligious dialogue on issues.
  • Studied the dogmatic teaching of the Orthodox Church, with regard to inter-Orthodox and inter-Christian dialogues. Explored the Normal and Ecclesiastical Law, the relations between Church and State, in connection with the existing constitutional framework, and modern Katastatiki Legislation Churches of Cyprus and Greece.

The studies are completed with a thesis, which is a prerequisite for obtaining the Master's in Theology. The issues of diplomatic and doctoral work drawn from the findings of the Research Centre of Theology and Culture (KETHP) of the Department.

Center for Research on Theology and Culture (KETP)

The Department of Theology and Culture University of Nicosia considers condition of its program of research, linking with other research centers, educational establishments or or research activities in Cyprus and abroad.

The Research Centre of Theology and Culture (KETHP) aims at producing and promoting scientific research of national and international scope, which will contribute to scientific and practical needs of the Church and the State, as well as to the mutual understanding and communication between people in a multicultural society such as Cyprus.

The KETHP is under the high supervision of the holy Bishop of Kykkos and Tillyria Mr. Nikiforos. As part of this cooperation, students have access to specialized library and his other research programs Studies Centre of Kykkos Monastery.

The program is offered and coursework method, with full or partial attendance.

Career Prospects

The titles of the Postgraduate Diploma (Master) and Doctorate Degree (PhD) of the Department of Curriculum Theology and Culture at the University of Nicosia is recognized by the competent departments of the Greek Cypriot and Republic, and by extension the European Union Member Countries.

Therefore, holders of the above Patent:

  • They have the ability to follow developments in scientific research centers or academic careers in universities, public and private, Cyprus, Greece and more generally abroad.
  • They may be engaged and to work in related areas of the Metropolises of the Church of Cyprus, Greece and other Orthodox Churches, or appointed as representatives and advisors of these Churches in interorthodox, interchurch and interreligious dialogue.
  • They can be employed in Tourist Offices, as guides or specialized partners, in promotion of Religious Tourism in Cyprus and Greece
  • They also have the opportunity to work in the field of education or indoctrination of expatriates omodoxon abroad.

Access to Further Studies

Graduates of the program can be admitted to third-cycle studies (PhD) Further information about the PhD program in Theology University of Nicosia you can see in the brochure by clicking the following link.

Learning results

Upon successful completion of the program, students will:

  1. Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental principles and historical origins of religions and the issues at the heart of contemporary theological research and practice.
  2. They have a global view and understanding of Christian and non-Christian faith and dialogue among them.
  3. They perceive the role of religion and church in the ethical, social, cultural and environmental problems of our time.
  4. They have the capacity to formulate pedagogical approaches to Christian education appropriate to a culturally diverse environment.
  5. They can carry out research and writing of theses on theological issues and will have the opportunity to use sources and criticism of the relevant literature.
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UNIC is the largest university in Cyprus, with over 12,000 students, from over 70 countries across the globe, coming together in an innovative and transformative learning space. Ranked 106 Read less
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