Post-Graduation in Technical Director of Football


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Program Description


Increasingly, results in football are not only dependent on player talent and coaching ability. The structural organization of a football club around its core assets is increasingly a predictor of long-term success. A football manager should not only know the game and training processes inherent in player and team performance, but also master management and marketing skills, player identification and recruitment, leadership, communication and negotiation.

The professional area of technical direction is, increasingly, a strand of great growth and national and international demand. These functions can be performed both in professional football, in football and also in football academies and schools. In order to better prepare these professionals for the performance of the duties associated with the Technical Direction, we have promoted an unprecedented course in the Portuguese market that allows the coaches to offer a set of knowledge and skills appropriate to these duties.


  • Only Program in the Market that provides the skills needed by a Football Technical Director;
  • Distinguished Faculty with recognized experience in the Football Market;
  • Professional oriented program;
  • 360º competency profile that provides trainees with the essential competences;
  • Innovative format of great versatility (at a distance).


Provide Football Coaches, Managers and other professionals with knowledge and skills related to the duties of Technical Director to enable them to perform duties in the framework of:

  • Sports Directorate of the Professional Football Department;
  • Technical Coordination of the Training Football Department;
  • Director of Football Academies;
  • Technical Coordination of Soccer Schools;
  • Technical Coordination in District Football Associations;
  • Technical Coordination of soccer projects in municipalities;
  • Support for technical coordination functions.


This training proposal is accessible to both Licensed and unlicensed.

  • Football training professionals who seek to broaden their scope of action and may intervene in the area of technical direction;
  • Football players or former footballers seeking specialization in these matters;
  • Management professionals and other professional areas interested in working in the football world.
  • Other interested in performing functions in this area, either in national or international projects.


Module 1 - Football Management

  • National and International Football Organization
  • Football Economics
  • Financial Structure of SADs
  • Football and Sport Direction
  • Marketing applied to football
  • Asset Management and Squad in Football
  • Football Academy Management
  • Technical Coordination of Training
  • Technical Director Roles and Competencies
  • Technical Coordination in International Contexts

Module 2 - Leadership, Communication, Negotiation

  • Coaching Applied to Football
  • Leadership
  • Football and MEDIA
  • Communication and Influence in Football
  • Football Trading

Module 3 - Identification and Recruitment of Players

  • Career Management and Intermediation
  • Player Registration and Transfers
  • Construction of a Scouting Department
  • Game and Player Analysis
  • Soccer Scouting

Module 4 - Training Methodology

  • Training Methods
  • Training organization, structuring and planning
  • Strength and Conditioning in Football
  • Training Constraints
  • Training Evaluation and Control

Module 5 - Game Analysis

  • Game Principles
  • Game model design
  • Game Analysis

Module 6 - Seminars

  • Congress - Football and Management
  • Congress: Technical Coordination
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The Universidade Europeia is located in Portugal and offers access to student-centered quality education.

The Universidade Europeia is located in Portugal and offers access to student-centered quality education. Read less
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