Post-Graduation in Strategic Human Resource Management (e-Learning)


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Program Description


Although many professionals and organizations are focused on the development of Human Resource Management based on "good practices", the truth is that the people management policy and strategy must be closely associated with the unique characteristics of each organization. Thus, this program is based on the principle that Human Resource Management must be aligned and develop based on each entity's own business, because only in this way is it possible to respond assertively to the specific conditions of a market, culture and even from specific contingencies of the entity itself.

The Program has an alignment absolutely focused on people and their management, considering that this is the starting point for an effective Human Resources management, as well as its ultimate goal. The Human Resources Manager is responsible for the organization and maintenance of the workforce, and this management can never be disconnected from the strategic options of the business and the paths that the entity aims to take.


  • It is basically aimed at those who have, or intend to have, management positions;
  • In addition to exploring key strategic areas in Human Resource Management, it also considers trends in practices and new conceptual developments;
  • Teaching staff mainly composed of professionals with proven skills;
  • Connection to the Market, practical component and potential of immediate applicability to the professional context;
  • Flexibility and convenience associated with the fact that the program is taught on an e-Learning basis.


  • This Post-Graduation is based on the main areas of Strategic Human Resource Management, enabling students to develop activities of this nature.
  • Its main objectives are that students walk through the fundamentals and trends of Human Resource Management today, and know how to design Policies and Procedures aligned with the organization's strategy, vision and mission.


  • The program is mainly aimed at professionals with some experience in the Human Resources area.
  • It may also be aimed at professionals at the beginning of their careers, and who are clear that they want their qualification to be more at the level of strategic decision than at the operations area.




Module 1 - Strategy, Structures and People

  • Strategic Thinking applied to People Management
  • Design of structures according to culture and strategy
  • Dynamic management between business and people

Module 2 - HR Planning and Budgeting

  • Strategic Planning and Operational Planning
  • Contingent workforce planning and negotiation
  • Planning and New Work arrangements
  • HR Budgeting

Module 3 - Attraction and Fundraising

  • Employee Life Cycle
  • Planning of fundraising activities
  • Innovation and creativity in the design of fundraising processes

Module 4 - Development and Management of Flexible Rewards

  • Performance and career management
  • Performance and Skills Development
  • Articulation between performance management and rewards
  • Flexible reward systems

Module 5 - Team Leadership and Management

  • Self-leadership
  • Team management
  • Identification, preparation and support for team managers
  • Feedback and collaborative systems

Module 6 - Legal Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

  • Fundamental principles of the legal framework (Labor Code)
  • General principles of Social Security Legislation

Project Presentation

  • Presentation of Final Projects


  • HR executive functioning skills | João Vieira
  • Contingent work forms management | Mariana Canto e Castro
  • Multigenerational workforce management | Sandra Brito Pereira
  • HR Ethics and Sustainability | Jorge Ladeira Figueiredo
  • Telework and team management | Catarina Tendeiro
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