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Best Online PhDs in Engineering 2018

After completing a master’s degree, many students decide to pursue further education in an effort to become experts in their chosen career field. Enrolling in a PhD program could give pupils the specialized knowledge they desire, and completing the doctorate degree may qualify for a diverse range of career opportunities with higher salaries.

What is a PhD in Engineering? This type of program generally combines mathematical, science, and computer classes to give students focused knowledge on the engineering industry. To give pupils a firm grasp of the mathematical concepts that are necessary to succeeding in the field, courses typically cover calculus, algebra, and statistics. The program often also includes classes focused on topics such as physics and computer programming.

A PhD in Engineering often gives students the opportunity to develop essential skills in mathematics, analytical thinking, and problem solving. When pupils have strong competencies in mathematics and analytical thinking, they may excel in their careers and could be eligible for job promotions. Problem-solving skills often enable students to find creative solutions to issues in every area of life.

A PhD typically takes approximately three years to complete, but the price of the program varies widely. The location of the institution and whether the degree is offered on campus or online are important factors in the overall cost.

People who hold a degree in engineering, particularly one as prestigious as a PhD, often have the opportunity to work in many career fields. While positions as college professors and lab researchers are popular options, other students prefer to work as quantitative analysts. Many choose to become entrepreneurs, and careers as product managers, market research analysts, or competitive intelligence analysts are often available.

Many universities offer a variety of online and in-person classes in order to cater to students’ needs. For many pupils, pursuing higher education requires flexible schedules so they can juggle schooling with jobs and families. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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