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A PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy, is a postgraduate degree conferred by universities. It is the top academic degree available in a field. A Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is a post-graduate degree offered by a business school or business faculty at a university.

The completion of an Online PhD or an Online DBA can result in significantly improved career prospects. For students or professionals interested in leadership, academia, consulting, research and entrepreneurship, a PhD or a DBA degree can offer an advantage or a required qualification.

Many universities around the world offer Online PhD and Online DBA programs.

The variety of different Online PhD and Online DBA programs can be overwhelming - don't let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular Online PhD degrees and Online DBA programs listed below.

Newly Added Programs

SMC Business School
Switzerland, Zug, + 1 More
Geneva Business School
Switzerland, Geneva, + 2 More
Atlantic International University
USA, Honolulu
Brentwood University
USA, Irvine
Manipal Academy of Higher Education Dubai
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Selinus University Business School
Italy, Bologna + 2 More
Institute of Lutheran Theology
USA, Brookings
The European Wellness Aesthetic Academy (EWAA)
Switzerland, Lugano
The International University of Bio-Regenerative Sciences (IUBRS)
USA, New Castle
Swiss School of Business and Management
Switzerland, Geneva + 1 More
Carey Theological College
Canada, Vancouver
University of West Alabama Online
USA, Livingston