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Doctorate in Education at AIU:

Your AIU Distance Learning Doctorate of Education program will be a tailor-made program designed just for you by you and your counselor. This flexibility to meet your needs is rarely found in other distance learning programs. Our program does not require that each student study the same subjects and use the same books and study materials as other students. Instead, our online Doctoral Programs are designed just for you. They are individually designed to meet your needs and help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Important: You can find below an example of the topics or areas of study that you can develop and work on during your study program. This does not mean in any way that said example implies being a complete list that you are obliged to carry out at AIU, but that it is used by you as it is, an example or guide at your service. We remind you that AIU does not require its students to follow a standardized curriculum. Do you want to learn more about curriculum design at AIU? ( Courses and Study Plans )

Topics and Areas of Study in Education:

Epistemological Problems of Pedagogical Research Research of Contemporary Problems of Pedagogical Development Holistic Particularities of Psychopedagogy in Educational Institutions Contemporary Problems of Science Computing in Pedagogy

Summary of Topics and Areas in Education:

Epistemological Problems of Pedagogical Research


Deepen the study of Scientific-Pedagogical Research Methods.


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Investigation of Contemporary Problems of Pedagogical Development


Detect and solve current and prospective pedagogical problems.

The pedagogical work of teachers based on the need to create feasible alternative methodological strategies for solution and innovative development proposal in the field of their professional practice.


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Holistic Particularities of Psychopedagogy in Educational Institutions


Assess the role of Psychology in the solution of contemporary educational problems.

Model, apply and evaluate the effectiveness of intervention techniques for solving educational problems.


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Contemporary Problems in Science


Analyze the interrelation Science - Technology - Society - Development; a humanistic perspective in current conditions.


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Computing in Pedagogy


Deepen the knowledge of applied computing in Educational Development.

Develop the creativity of cognitive ability in applied computing in pedagogical scientific research.


  • Various Authors. Pedagogical-Educational Computing Anthology. Ed. IMEP. Mexico, 1996

Education Dissertation Project:

  • MBM900 PhD Proposal
  • MBM902 Doctoral Dissertation (15,000 words)

Publication: Each graduate of the Doctorate in Business Administration must publish his Doctoral dissertation online in the public domain or through professional magazines and newspapers.

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