Doctorate in Projects


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Program Description

FUNIBER joins experience and resources to the International Ibero-American University and the Technological University of Panama to offer solid scientific and professional training to society to reach the highest academic degree: Doctor, in a line of research.

Doctorate in Projects

  • Environment
  • Business management
  • ICT - Communication
  • Organization
  • Health and nutrition
  • Quality
  • Energy
  • Architecture
  • Security
  • tourism
  • Engineering
  • Industrial Technology

PhD in education

  • Teaching applied didactics and psychopedagogy
  • Language teaching and applied linguistics
  • Didactics of music education
  • Didactics of physical education Education and health
  • Environmental education
  • Education and culture
  • Economics of education
  • Learning factors in education
  • Guidance and tutoring in the education system
  • Educational technology, educational innovation with ICT
  • Organization and management of educational centers
  • Design and curricular advice in educational centers
  • Attention to diversity, special education and inclusive education
  • Teacher training
  • Evaluation of centers and teachers for the quality of the teaching-learning process.
  • Methodology of educational research.
  • Communication.

These PhD programs provide a profile oriented to professional research and have an excellent academic level and a flexible and tailored curriculum design that allows doctoral students and doctoral students to obtain adequate preparation for their interests and global advancement of knowledge. The objective of this program is to train doctors who contribute to the human, scientific and technological development of society.

The essential features of the program are:

  • Be in possession of the master / master's degree.
  • Take a program of studies tailored according to the training, interests and subject of the thesis of the student.
  • Overcome 4 phases of study: Tutoring, Teaching, Research, and Thesis.
  • Study in distance mode.
Last updated October 2019

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