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Online PhD in Leadership

University of the Cumberlands

Academic institutions around the country need people who can guide and lead them in positive new directions. With a Doctorate in Leadership from University of the Cumberlands, you can prepare to become one of these leaders and take today’s institutions smartly into the future.

During this online doctoral program in educational leadership, you’ll participate in a comprehensive study of effective leadership, teaching and administrative methods. You’ll also take an in-depth look at the politics involved in the educational decision-making process, program planning and assessment strategies.

UC's online Ph.D. in Leadership includes curriculum options that will allow you to become an advanced practitioner with community organizations, higher education institutions and K-12 schools. Program course work for our Ph.D. programs in Kentucky emphasizes leadership in the collegiate levels of Business, Criminal Justice, Education, English, Health Sciences, History, Information Security Systems, Math, Psychology, Religion, and Student Personnel.

Mission and Goals

The mission of this program is to prepare you to make valuable and innovative contributions in a variety of leadership roles and organizational settings. Our curriculum and instructors are dedicated to helping you deepen your knowledge and understanding of educational theory, while helping you extend your research and application abilities to strategically solve problems that you encounter.

This program is designed to:

  • Help you improve colleges and schools through better critical and reflective thinking
  • Help you become more effective at the college, school district or unit level
  • Strengthen your research, analytical and communication skills so you can become a better decision maker
  • Improve your content knowledge in a specialty area
  • Help you promote public service and ethical leadership in professional and community settings

Degree Requirements

The PhD track in leadership is generally seen as more theory and research intensive than a practitioner’s degree such as an EdD; students pursuing the PhD in leadership must complete the curriculum established for the EdD in educational leadership plus six additional hours distributed as follows: one graduate course in which leadership theories and concepts in a non-academic environment is a central theme and one course in which non-academic statistics or research methods is the focus. The PhD in leadership, therefore, requires a minimum of 66 hours beyond the master’s degree. Although a PhD student may pursue applied research as a dissertation topic, it is expected that an approved dissertation will be built upon a more thorough theoretical foundation than a similar project that culminates in an EdD dissertation.

Admission Requirements:

  • Hold a master’s degree from an accredited college.
  • Have a 3.5 GPA (on a 4-point scale) on all graduate work as verified by official transcripts.
  • ♠ Official transcripts from all attended universities. If you have not completed master’s level coursework at a regionally accredited institution, in the US, transcript evaluation services listed below will provide University of the Cumberlands an official records of academic equivalents. Evaluations must include GPA. o World Education Services (WES) o Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) o International Education Research Foundation (IERF) Eval Direct o Educational Perspectives (EP)
  • Have earned within the past 5 years a combined verbal and quantitative score of at least 300 (800 previous scale) on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or a score of at least 400 on the Miller Analogies Test (MAT). Test scores older than five years may be considered if they are above 300 (800 previous scale) on the GRE and 400 on the MAT.
  • Provide three (3) letters of recommendation, including one (1) letter from a supervisor or professor. Letters must be received directly from individuals making recommendation.
  • Provide a writing sample describing the student’s research interests. In evaluating the applicant’s essay, scrutiny is placed on grammar, voice, and topic; please note that prospective research topics must fit within the range of expertise and interests that program faculty could reasonably supervise.
  • Provide documentation of language fluency for non-native speakers of English, such as a score report from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The minimum acceptable TOEFL or IELTS scores for admission are:
  • Paper-based TOEFL (PBT): 550
  • Internet-based TOEFL (IBT): 79
  • IELTS: 6

If all of the above criteria are met, the prospective student must be interviewed by the Director of the doctoral program or authorized representatives.


*The Ph.D in Leadership matches the Ed.D in educational leadership plus 6 additional credit hours distributed as follows:

  • 1 graduate course in which leadership theories and concepts in a non-academic environment is a central theme and
  • 1 graduate course in which non-academic statistics or research methods is the focus

Required Classes

Curriculum and Culture. (12 Credit Hours) Learning in Adulthood Teaching and Learning Online Grant Writing and Proposal Development Leadership in Historical Context

Administration (15 Credit Hours) The Politics of Organizational Decision-Making Program Planning and Assessment Leadership in Theory and Practice The Change Process Higher Education in America

Research. (15 Credit Hours) Inferential Statistics in Decision-making Dissertation Seminar Advanced Research Methods Dissertation. 6 Credit Hours.

Content Specialty Area. (18 Hours) Courses are selected from a range of disciplines: business, criminal justice, education, English, health science, history, information systems, mathematics, religion (ministry), psychology or student personnel services.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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