Online Masters Philosophy of Ethics


Program Description

  • Course title: Islamic Studies
  • Area of Interest: Philosophy of Ethics
  • Degree level: Master’s
  • Number of Units: 46 units (42-course units and 4 units for the Thesis)
  • Language of Presentation: Arabic, Persian, English
  • Length of Course: 5 Semesters (comprised of 3 semesters, education - 2 semesters, thesis)
  • Tuition: N/A
  • Method of teaching: Online education + Online revision classes
  • Target Audience: Those who are interested in Islamic Ethics course with orientation of philosophy of Ethics (Iranians residing in Iran and non-Iranians)

About the program

Islamic ethics discusses and provides principles and guidelines for living on the basis of moralities using Islamic teachings in all stages of life in the world. This program provides an introduction to the ideas of the thinkers of ethics of other schools of thoughts. About the Area of Interest Philosophy of Ethics is considered one of the areas of Philosophy since it introduces the fundamental issues of Moralities such as recognizing the right and the wrong issues, the distinction between good and evil issues, recognition of the virtues, and introduces the concepts and the nature of ethical statements.


  1. Training specialist of Islamic ethics with Master’s ranking
  2. Analytical and logical introduction to Islamic Ethics in the international area
  3. Reasoned defense of Islamic ethical teachings via criticizing the rival theories

Noticeable topics

  1. Analytic Ethics; based on philosophy of ethics, and normative ethical theory
  2. General prerequisites: General Psychology, introduction to the Sociology, Anthropology, introduction to Islamic Philosophy, introduction to Islamic Education, Islamic Mysticism, Psychology of Ethics.
  3. Islamic ethics, based on ethics in the Qur’an, and ethics in Hadith and tradition of prophet Muhammad

Criteria for Admission

Students will be admitted once they meet all the general and specific conditions required. General conditions:

  1. Not being legally prohibited from education at Al-Mustafa (PBUH)
  2. Having practical skills in computer including Windows, Word Office, Internet, general typing speed, (ICDL)

Criteria for Master Admission

  1. Holding a bachelor’s degree recognized by ministry of education of Islamic Republic of Iran;
  2. Successfully completing former educational level earning grade point average of at least 12 for bachelor’s for non-Iranian and 14 for Iranian;
    • Important Note 1: holding a written certificate of the place of education is obligatory if the official degree has not been issued.
    • Important Note 2: some courses contain certain Conditions which have been indicated along with the course introduction
  3. Successfully completing the first academic year earning grade point average of at least 14

Important Notes: Registration at university is online. Having the above-mentioned conditions, applicants need to refer to “educational programs” from the website of the university from “select program” to complete registrations. To get further information about registration please visit this link:

  • Controlled documents must be accurate and complete and applicants are responsible for ensuring that all required documents have been issued and verified by reliable authorities and follow the regulations of Al-Mustafa online university
  • Admission is open at any time, but the application for those who apply within a month after the beginning of the first academic year, in case of obtaining criteria for admission, is considered for forthcoming semester
Last updated Nov 2017

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