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Program Description

  • Modality: Online
  • Degree: University degree from UCAM –Universidad Católica de Murcia, Spain.
  • Credits: 60 ECTS (European Credit and Transfer Accumulation System)
  • Duration: 9 months
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Live an exceptional experience

This Online Master in NeuroCommunication is unique for its methodology and original content so you can live an exceptional experience .

  • Personal closeness and permanent connection of tutors and teachers to support and guide you in your learning path.
  • You learn with high motivation for the amenity, updating and continuous revitalization.
  • Practicality so you can immediately apply what you have learned.
  • Content level and excellent teachers that ensure your learning.
  • You study at your own pace for the total flexibility of schedules and place.

What is the Neurocommunication?

Neuroscience, a discipline that studies our brain, is making very important advances, accompanied by technology. Currently we can practically see, through digitized images, the brain in action when it decides, when it buys, the emotions that are experienced, etc.

NeuroCommunication is communication from the perspective of neuroscience . This raises new ways of understanding and developing human communication, much deeper and more precise.

Deepening the study of human communication through Neuroscience is an imperative that makes a very important professional difference today and for the future.

In this program we give the knowledge, the keys and the tools to make a more effective communication in the field of the company, the organizations, the media and the policy.

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The content of this Online Master in NeuroCommunication opens a wide range for the personal and professional development of those who, in one way or another, are focused on communication.

Areas such as Marketing, Politics, Human Resources, Public Relations, Management, Management, Journalism, Community Manager, etc. They are the fields of application and applicants in the labor market.


Module 1: Neuroscience and Communication

  • Neuroscience, development and trends
  • Applications in marketing, HR, and politics, Marketing, Politics, Management and Leadership

Module 2: Neurophysiology, how our brain works

  • The neuron
  • Central Nervous System
  • Peripheral nervous system
  • The senses and persuasion

Module 3: Decision making

  • Factors that influence decision making Needs, desires and motivation
  • How we make the decisions
  • Decisions and brain "Triuno"
  • Jaime Romano's neuro pyramid

Module 4: Marketing Neurocommunication

  • Consumer Behavior and Psychology
  • How we relate to the outside world
  • The secret of buying decisions
  • Don't persuade the customer, persuade your brain
  • The “NeuroMarketing Mix”
  • Neuroventas
  • The emotion in the user experience
  • The use of color, images and sounds in web and advertising design offline and online
  • Neurocopywriting, developing segmented emotional content
  • Storytelling

Module 5: Neurocommunication in team leadership

  • Emotional Neuro Leadership
  • The leader's brain: multiple intelligences
  • The memory
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mindfulness and Mental toughness
  • Spoken, gestural and nonverbal communication from neuroscience
  • Neurodeterzas for the organization and effective execution in time

Module 6: NeuroCommunication in HR

  • Keys of internal communication
  • Difficult conversations
  • Neuro conflict resolution and work stress prevention
  • Corporate sentiment
  • Motivation and reward circuit

Module 7: NeuroCommunication in Politics

  • The path of persuasion
  • Tactic and strategy
  • The emotional subconscious as a gateway
  • How to build trust in people and teams.
  • Keys of spoken communication
  • Strategic communication of governments and institutions
  • The language of parties and institutions Neuro Plan Election campaign communication
  • NeuroCommunication Plan of governments and institutions

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