This Master qualifies the student as a specialist in the activities of Supply Chain Management , as opposed to the individualized analysis of quantitative techniques or operational analytical models of the different elements that make up the supply chain.

Double Degree Summa University

Thanks to the agreement between IEP and Summa University, you can study your graduate degree by obtaining an official Double Degree from the USA with this program. The recognition and merit of both institutions, offer professionals of all sectors, a highly prestigious training in Spain and internationally to acquire the skills and competencies necessary for professional development in different areas of the business environment and the effective performance of responsibilities directives in an organization.

Why choose this Master?

With this postgraduate in Supply Chain Management

Objectives of the Master in Supply Chain Management

  • Put your knowledge of logistics with a Master program that demonstrates your strategic and managerial vision of the Supply Chain Management and that allows you to obtain the international certification CSCM®, Certified Supply Chain Manager, by ISCEA.
  • Become an "innovative manager in Supply Chain Management and Logistics" in order to manage the changes needed by industrial, commercial and service companies (public or private) to face the challenges that arise from the start of the fourth industrial revolution (companies 4.0).
  • To be able to work in the so-called companies of the fourth industrial revolution (companies 4.0) that demand critical, innovative professionals, and capable of managing knowledge.
  • Train professionals in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, sectors where knowledge, creativity and innovation play an important role in the management of companies 4.0.
  • Know the challenges of the global management of the Supply Chain and the most important international markets.
  • Form leaders of the future.

Competences that students acquire with this Master: Being able to analyze and evaluate the multiple Supply Chains or Value Networks of your company.

  • Prepare your own roadmap to design Supply Chains and Logistics Networks in harmony with your company's business strategy and the needs of your customers or markets.
  • Direct the area of operations and logistics or any department linked to it from a vision of the current positioning of logistics with respect to the latest developments in distribution networks, consumers and suppliers, as well as new ways of managing our network relationships and channel.
  • Develop Management Skills and know the most useful management techniques, turning people into expert managers in Supply Chain management.
  • Master decision-making tools for the correct optimization of logistic flows.
  • Know how to manage Supply Chain in an ethical and socially responsible manner.
  • Optimize the management of the area based on the appropriate application of Information Technologies, allowing an efficient response to current needs in the field of Supply Chain and the generation of value-added services.
  • Dynamically align your company with suppliers and customers or markets in your operating environment.
  • Formulate and execute distribution strategies and appropriate responses at a global level.
  • Propose strategic decisions on ICT and information systems to support Supply Chains and its Logistics Networks.
  • Formulate and execute strategies related to human talent committed to the management of supply chains, logistics, and the environment.
  • Structure logistics projects.
  • Lead a permanent process of organizational change so that your company adapts to the new market conditions and the new role played by Supply Chains.
  • To obtain an international certification in Supply Chain Management and Logistics; the CSCM® Certificate (Certified Supply Chain Manager of ISCEA (International Supply Chain Education Alliance).


"The study methodology seems to me ideal for people like me, who are working and do not have enough time to have face-to-face classes or to keep pace with work and constant study." On the other hand, the involvement of the staff of the School and the The faculty has been and is being very close to the student, showing at all times a real interest in the teaching of the classes and in the attempt to improve and facilitate the understanding of all concepts on our part. " Lucía Vaquero Otero


  1. Global Supply Chain Management (4 ECTS)
  2. Fundamentals of International Trade (4 ECTS)
  3. Strategic Procurement Management: Purchases and Suppliers (4 ECTS)
  4. Quantitative Modeling for Making Supply Chain Decisions (4 ECTS)
  5. Production of Sustainable Goods and Memorable Service Experiences (4 ECTS)
  6. Planning, Control and Management of Inventories (4 ECTS)
  7. Applied Information Technologies (4 ECTS)
  8. Management of Distribution and Network Design (4 ECTS)
  9. Demand Driven Operations
  10. Logistics Applied to International Trade (4 ECTS)
  11. Leadership of Highly Efficient Teams (4 ECTS)
  12. Strategic Planning and Financial Management in Supply Chain (4 ECTS)
  13. Entrepreneurship and Business Plan (4 ECTS)
  14. End of Program Project: Preparation of the CSCM® Certification - Certified Supply Chain Manager and ISO 28000 Internal Auditor Certificate (8 ECTS).

Admission process

For each call the following admission process is carried out, based on a selection of students for the limited places offered:

  1. IEP business advisors will inform the candidate about all issues related to the program as well as the process and conditions of admission.
  2. The candidate must complete the "admission form", which will be sent to him, and send it to the IEP along with his Curriculum Vitae.
  3. The Admissions Committee will study the file and inform the student, if appropriate, that he / she is given the place to study the program.
  4. Once the admission certificate is received, the student must formalize his / her registration.

Study grants / Scholarships

The Institute has a scholarship program that can cover up to 70% of the cost of tuition . In each call a limited number of scholarships are offered based on the personal, professional and economic situation of the candidates. For its adjudication, a rigorous order of application is followed.


There are also special financing conditions, promoted by both Institutions, in order to help students to assume the cost of the course through a system of postponed payments through comfortable monthly payments adapted to the needs of the students.

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