Online Master in Interior Design and Hospitality


Program Description

This Master offers you a pedagogical and formative vision so that you can deepen the specific knowledge of the design of interior spaces, in all the formats in which it is presented in the professional field: housing, workplace, hotels or gastronomic spaces.

In this way, when you finish your studies you will be very clear about the aspects of your profession that you should keep in mind in the process of ideation of any project, as well as of the possible professionals with whom you must work in constant collaboration when you undertake design projects of interiors.

With this Master you will be able to develop any interior design project, learning to represent spaces, dominating the theory of materials, the design of parts and other interior elements.

Who is it for?

To those who want to enter and professionalize the world of interior design.

To professionals from creative sectors, architects or technical architects who want to acquire advanced knowledge of interior design.

To those who want to make interior design their profession.


Design projects

Create and direct integral design of interior design projects.


Being able to generate new concepts of innovation.


Assimilate the emerging social and cultural values.

Strategic Research

Raise research and innovation strategies to resolve expectations centered on functions, needs and materials.

Technical aspects

Know the technical aspects necessary for the resolution of interior design projects.


The Online Master in Interior Design and Hospitality consists of a total of 12 subjects that make up the 4 modules of the Master. With each of the modules you will learn to create and direct an interior design project.

Throughout the Master's Degree you will have Masterclasses, master classes taught by renowned design professionals who will relate their experience, their value and knowledge in the field.

Module 1

The interior space and the design


  • Introduction to the culture of design
  • Design methodology
  • Image and art in the design

Module 2

Conceptualization in interior design


  • Domestic space
  • Workspace / Retail design
  • Gastronomic space
  • Hotel interior

Module 3

Methodology and Tools


  • Modes of representation: Adobe
  • Techniques Revit
  • Project management
  • Work

Module 4

Master's final project


  • Final Master Project

Master's Address

Diego Nakamatsu

Diego Nakamatsu Shiira is Argentine and resident in Barcelona for almost 20 years. In 1986 he began his studies in graphic design and advertising. He began his architectural career in 1991. In 1994 he began his first work trips to the city of Barcelona and in 1997 he is head of architectural projects in the city of Rosario, Argentina. Finally, in 1999, it was permanently installed in Barcelona.

Among his works, we can highlight the 2nd Prize in the contest of Train Stations of Castellón (1995), West Municipal Center Rosario (1999), 1st prize for the Unit of Burned in Vall d'Hebron (2006), 1st prize Cultural Center Mar de Plata (2012), Patagonia Tourist Complex (2016), among others.

Currently, he directs his own studio of architects Nakamatsu i Associats SLP.

Professional outings

The Master's Program is aimed at training students with skills as designers that can develop professionally within the field of interior design, understanding that design starts from the process of project conformation, to the development of the design and its implementation.

Students will be prepared to add value within interdisciplinary teams, architecture and design studies, independently creating an innovative business, or from their own studio.

Some specific fields of application in interior design:

  • Interior Design Studies
  • Ideation of commercial spaces
  • Hotel Interiors
  • Corporate event design
  • Design of new concepts for homes
  • Management for interior projects and space design
  • Interior design for restaurants


Master's degree from LABASAD .

Financing and scholarships

In LABASAD we analyze each specific case to offer you the best payment and financing options and to make the investment in this Master with all the facilities.

You can choose one of these two payment methods:

  • Cash payment (with an additional 4% discount).
  • Own financing in installments (0% interest).

Our consultants will inform you in detail.

Also, check our scholarship and discount program.

Last updated Mar 2020

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