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Program Description

A unique study method tested over the years. The consolidated tradition in the teaching field it’s what makes us different. Since day one, for almost 20- years of activity, Up level combines innovative methods with the most experienced educational techniques. With our meticulous and flexible method, our students can achieve great results. These means let our students feel like they are on a solid ground of preparation and ready for any kind of specialization.

Up level has built its success on a mix between tradition and innovation. On one hand, there is the basis of traditional learning, with a thorough analysis of the classical training methods to identify the best suited for the subject. On the other hand, a constant focus on the development of industry, such as the hospitality one. 

The program

The Hospitality Management Master by Up level is an advanced specialized course in the hotel management industry. We always guarantee internships in premier hotel chains worldwide. You can become a Hotel Manager in large hotel chains, resorts, conference halls, events organizations or you can hold managerial positions in the following departments of the hotel’s industry:

  • Operations 
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Financial

The Hospitality Management Master has been designed to provide a high-quality specialized course: an innovative formula to reach top professional positions. It has been planned to offer future managers both the theoretical and practical knowledge of this field and the possibility for them to show their know-how in this fascinating hotel world. Those skills are the most sought-after in this market. The Hospitality Management Master by Up level gives to students all the tools and the knowledge which they will need in order to succeed in the hospitality industry worldwide today and in the future. This industry is always changing, and the Manager of this field needs to be on top of things and always be able to identify and anticipate all the changes in the market. These skills will make the Manager an irreplaceable point of reference in the hotel structure or tourist enterprise for which he/she work.

Target audience

Graduates looking for a career in this fascinating field full of opportunities. Young people who love challenges and know that only serious and careful preparation can allow them to build a professional career appreciated at every level.

Professionals who want to strengthen their skills. A very advanced and highly specialized educational training course which will consolidate their experience gained during their professional career and will update them on the latest trends and innovations in the hospitality industry.

Operators in the industry who want to improve and maybe start a successful management career. This training focuses on all aspects of the hospitality industry business and the acquisition of the necessary managerial skills at work.

Entrepreneurs who want to stay up to date on the complex and innovative work processes. This course will also teach all the potentials of every highly specialized professional figure.


The Hospitality Management Master’s program by Up level prepares the new Hospitality Managers by providing them with the tools they need to successfully take up a career both in managerial and executive roles in accommodation facilities, from large hotels to resorts, to the convention centers. This course will offer the knowledge and will reinforce the area of expertise that every Manager needs.

The Hospitality Management Master’s program by Up level analyses the theoretical aspects and provides the students with the practical elements to fully understand the operations and the dynamics of this field. For this reason, the Hospitality Management Master’s program by Up level is aimed at forming personalities able to establish themselves successfully on the job market. This course creates professionals who want to make a qualitative leap into the Hotel industry, prepare successful managers able to take their experience into the world, and compete with the best international managers. The course will also raise the skills’ levels, professionalism needed to contribute to the growth of the leading sector of the global economy. 

The Hospitality Management Master’s program by Up level and its selected teaching staff

To offer a better educational experience, Up level incorporates university professors, entrepreneurs, managers, freelance professionals, specialists: our teachers, each one in their own branch of this sector, they guarantee to each student the right mix of professional expertise and experience in the hospitality field. 

Job opportunities

The Hospitality Management Master’s program by Up Level is able to provide specific skills to hold the top management positions in each hotel department:

The Hospitality Manager

He/She is the leader, he/she is the model role of every modern and well-organized hotel. The hospitality Manager is the managing director of the hotel He/She has the responsibility of the marketing strategy not only for the customer retention but also to secure new potential customers, He/She has to manage the hotel’s staff, planning offers/discounts, managing the marketing plan and managing all the communications inside and outside the hotel.


The Hospitality Manager manages has the supervision of the administrative and accounting practices of the hotel, He/She is able to optimize sales volumes and the hotel turnover using Yield Management techniques, He/She is able to track the hotel performance using specific reports. He/She is the manager of the structure and this is why He/She has to know every single position into the hotel structure in order to carry every single employee to reach one goal: improving the business.

The Front Office Manager

The image of the hotel in the eyes of the guests depends mainly on him or her. The Front Office Manager is one of the most sought-after roles in this industry, its ability to welcome and deal with guests has a significant impact on the hotel's satisfaction rating.


The Front office manager has accounting and administration tasks because his role also includes the management of bookings, the drafting of customer accounts, and cash administration.

Sales & Marketing Manager

He/She is the business engine of any hotel. Acquiring new customers and improving the loyalty of existing customers, the conclusion of contracts with Tour Operators, marketing management, competitors analysis, supervising rates and bookings, planning, and promotion of the offers proposed by the structure and its individual departments are some of his/her duties.


He/She needs to have: strong analytical skills and ability to assess competitors' activities, very strong knowledge in the legal, administrative, and account fields. He/She has the right mix of technical skills and flexibility to take advantage of market opportunities.

Human Resources Manager for the Hotel

He/She manages the professional asset of the hotel: the hotel staff. The Human Resources Manager of the Hotel is the person that: 

  • Selects hotel employees;
  • Manages recruitment practices and all aspects of hotel work;
  • Coordinates the staff of the various departments ensuring the full efficiency of service;
  • Supervises the staff shifts;
  • Knows how to manage and how to adapt to the growing needs of the hotel structure.

The Human Resources Manager for the Hotel must have broad expertise in various fields: from personnel selection activities to job management to perfect knowledge of the hotel tourism sector.

Revenue Manager

This role is another one of the most sought-after professions in the hotel industry. He/She is responsible for the hotel to maximize the volume of business fully exploiting the accommodation capacity of the hotel whatever the period, and develop winning strategies to guide the market to increase revenues and maximizing the value of investments.


  • Managing statistical data;
  • Check all reservation systems: the booking engine and the channel manager;
  • Managing price strategies based on precise calculations.

Meetings and Congress Manager

Being successful in the offer of Meetings and Congress is extremely important for a Hotel. The Meeting and Congress Manager role is the key to this success. Contents and images a pair of inseparable values in any organization of events, meetings, or congresses. He/She is a professional that knows that everything starts from the design of the event and the planning of every aspect of it, from the budget to the program, from the logistical to the administrative aspects.


The Meeting and Congress Manager must interpret the aims of each individual event according to the style and language of the company that commissions it, reasoning from a supply chain perspective in order to coordinate all those who concretely intervene in the organization of the event and relate to all operators.

Director of Business Development

This professional role has the task of doing business by exploiting the potential of the hotel using tools such as marketing, sales, promotions, and customer care. It can evaluate all the development opportunities offered by the market, plan a strategy, design, and implement new business models.


Must have in-depth expertise in various fields from finance to legal matters and business communication.

Housekeeping Manager

The Housekeeping Manager is one of the key figures in a hotel, He/She is responsible for:

  • All the hotel staff that is in charge to clean the hotel rooms/suites and all the common areas of the hotel;
  • All the hotel staff that is in charge of the maintenance of the hotel;
  • Handling relations with suppliers;
  • Checking that the hotel's main services from the laundry to the cloakroom are running smoothly.


He/She must have a thorough knowledge of the entire hotel’s operation, management skills, coordination, and supervision of the operational staff in every single department, as well as a deep knowledge of budget, accounting, and administration.


Thanks to our Master’s program you’ll know the management techniques of every single operational department in a hotel, being able to intervene not only in the single sector to improve its efficiency (applying the different skills and using the experience gained during the master's course) but also having a transversal and interdisciplinary overall vision that allows you to have better global management of the entire hotel structure.

Training area: Operations 

  • Front Office department 
  • Food and Beverage department
  • Housekeeping department

Training area: Sales and Marketing

  • Commercial department
  • Meeting and Congress department

Training area: Human Resources 

  • Financial department 
  • Web 3.0 in the Marketing Tourism


In a Master Up Level, there is a concrete application to reality a direct experience in the field a work project to be carried out as part of the training course. For this reason, our masters are comparable in pace and commitment to a real working activity. An activity articulated in moments of training in the classroom and periods of internship in companies and opportunities for comparison and deepening with teachers who have already established professionals in the field. a mix of theory and practice that makes up the level a real generator of opportunities for the most ambitious professionals.

Our Certificate, a Key to your next job

The Up Level master's degree in Hospitality Management guarantees the highest level of training for those who want to get involved in the world of hospitality and emerge in this sector undertaking a successful professional career. At the end of the master's degree, our school issues each participant with a nominative certificate that certifies the specialization acquired.

Last updated Oct 2020

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Fondata da Fabrizio Serafini, esperto professionista, con al suo attivo numerosi successi nel settore manageriale. Up level dal 1995 ad oggi ha al suo attivo le più interessanti case history umane in fatto di formazione e iperspecializzazione. Nel 2004 acquisisce la certificazione ISO 9001:200Settore/i EA di attività : 37 Progettazione ed erogazioni di Master Post-Laurea, e non, e di Corsi di Formazione e Aggiornamento Professionale. Nel 2009 Accreditamento presso la Regione Lazio. Nel 2011 Accreditamento presso la Regione Lombardia. Read less
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