Why choose this Master

You will become a quoted Digital Marketing professional , learning, in a practical way and with the latest multimedia news, the strategies, techniques and tools of the current online environment. You will be expert in the latest trends and you will be able to successfully develop in any area of ​​Online Marketing.

  • Because it will allow you to specialize in an area of ​​extraordinary current and future potential , which will facilitate a broad professional projection.
  • Because you will know how to respond to the new challenges that companies face in an environment in constant evolution.
  • Because you will delve into the latest online marketing tools and trends and their business implications.
  • Because we will teach you to manage the online presence of any entity.
  • Because you will have a faculty from successful companies, with extensive experience and great professional prestige .
  • Because it will provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to generate proposals and innovative and competitive solutions to the new challenges that the digital age demands from companies.
  • Because, as the protagonist of your training, you can choose to specialize in e-Commerce or Sales , giving a seal of value to your degree.
  • Because you will obtain a double degree from the Instituto Europeo de Posgrado ( IEP ) and the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC).
  • Because you will be trained by an expert-trainer selected by Google to obtain the Google AdWords Certification (Shopping Advertising) .

Program - 1,500 hours; 60 ECTS

Common subjects

I.- Digital Marketing

  1. Introduction to digital marketing. On-line advertising
  2. Social networks and their importance in the current company.
  3. The programmatic purchase and the RTB.
  4. Introduction to search engine marketing: SEO and SEM.
  5. The mobile marketing
  6. Introduction to on-line media planning.

II.- Digital Creativity (4 ECTS)

  1. Understanding the new digital culture. Digital branding: how is a brand in the digital era.
  2. The creative strategy
  3. The creative concept From the 360 ​​to the omnichannel.
  4. Strategy and creativity in constant evolution.
  5. Storytelling and Content Marketing
  6. Efficiency of creativity. Can you measure?

III.- Inbound Marketing and Digital Advertising: from the Display to Social Networks (4 ECTS)

  1. Introduction to the concept of Inbound Marketing.
  2. Attraction Tools.
  3. Conversion and Closing Tools.
  4. Loyalty and Analysis Tools. Results of Inbound Marketing.
  5. Display Network Video Advertising and Shopping.
  6. Fundamentals of Social Media.

IV.- The CRM and the acquisition and management of clients. From e-mail marketing to affiliation (4 ECTS)

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  2. Implementation of CRM in a company.
  3. e-CRM
  4. Main CRM tools.
  5. Email marketing
  6. Multi-channel strategy

V.- Social Media Marketing (4 ECTS)

  1. The client and the companies in social networks.
  2. Keys to Community Management.
  3. Facebook.
  4. LinkedIn and Personal Branding keys.
  5. Twitter, Instagram and other networks.
  6. Analysis and Online Reputation Marketing (ORM).

VI.- Mobile Marketing (4 ECTS)

  1. Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing
  2. Mobile Marketing Strategy
  3. Applications and positioning (ASO).
  4. Activation tools in Mobile Marketing.
  5. Proximity Marketing
  6. Measurement in Mobile.

VII.- Programmatic Purchase and Real Time Bidding. Big Data and Marketing (4 ECTS)

  1. Fundamentals of RTB and programmatic purchase.
  2. Ecosystem of the programmatic purchase model.
  3. Strategic approach to the programmatic purchase.
  4. Programmatic purchase process.
  5. RTB in the Digital Marketing plan.
  6. Practical case of the programmatic purchase.

VIII.- Positioning in search engines. Google AdWords SEO, SEM and PPC (4 ECTS)

  1. Introduction to organic positioning.
  2. SEO On and Off Page.
  3. Keywords research.
  4. Display advertising PPC / SEM.
  5. Introduction to Google Adwords.
  6. Search Network.

IX.- Usability, Persistence and User Experience (UX) (4 ECTS)

  1. Introduction to the User Experience (UX).
  2. Lean UX (Research)
  3. Interaction Design (IxD)
  4. Prototyping Tools
  5. Visual Design of User Interface (UI)
  6. Evaluation and CRO

X.- Analytics, Data and Digital Research (4 ECTS)

  1. Methodologies
  2. Hearings and behavioral data.
  3. Web Analytics.
  4. Social analytics
  5. Advertising analysis: validation, viewability and efficiency.

XI.- e-Commerce: current situation and trends. Design and Marketing (3 ECTS)

  1. Introduction to e-Commerce
  2. Current situation and trends
  3. UX / UI applied in e-Commerce
  4. Digital marketing and e-Commerce
  5. Loyalty and digital strategy in e-Commerce.

XII.- Platforms and models of e-Commerce (3 ECTS)

  1. Types of online stores
  2. Main platforms for the creation of an online store
  3. E-Commerce models
  4. B2C, B2B, C2C and C2B models
  5. Mobile Commerce
  6. Business plan and viability of an e-Commerce.

XIII.- Management of an e-Commerce (3 ECTS)

  1. Logistics and means of payment
  2. Management software: ERP and CRM
  3. Omni-channel
  4. Internationalization of an e-Commerce
  5. Legal aspects of an e-Commerce
  6. Success stories: Amazon and Alibaba.

XIV.- Business Intelligence and Analytics applied to e-Commerce (3 ECTS)

  1. Main metrics to monitor an e-Commerce: from the capture to the conversion
  2. Google Analytics for e-Commerce
  3. Definition KPIs
  4. Attribution models
  5. A / B Testing and Google Optimize
  6. Definition of dashboards and dashboards.

Trends and Challenges in e-Commerce - Conference cycle

  1. Blockchain in e-Commerce
  2. Immersive techniques and e-Commerce
  3. Big data, machine learning and e-Commerce
  4. Recommendation models in e-Commerce.

TFM. Google Adwords Certification (Shopping Advertising) (8 ECTS)

Specialty Sales

XI.- Digital Sales. Collaborative economy and strategic alliances (3 ECTS)

  1. Introduction: Sales in the digital era. Online, offline and hybrid.
  2. Collaborative economy
  3. Strategic alliances.

XII.- Distribution channels: Omni-channel (3 ECTS)

  1. Introduction to distribution channels.
  2. Design of the distribution channel.
  3. Relations between distribution channels and trade marketing.
  4. Merchandising and Logistics.
  5. ECR and Management by Categories.
  6. Omni-channel: Digital channels.

XIII.- The Challenges of the Commercial Management in the Digital Society: Sales Management and Planning (3 ECTS)

  1. Introduction to the Sales Function.
  2. Organization of the Sales Structure.
  3. Strategies and Sales Plans. Management and Management of the Sales Force.
  4. Control of Sales, Sales and Business.
  5. Sales Techniques, Negotiation and Customer Management.
  6. Virtual Sales Forces

XIV.- Product Decisions - Price (3 ECTS)

  1. Decisions on product.
  2. Marketing policies linked to the life cycle of the product.
  3. Product strategies
  4. Marketing Service.
  5. The price as a key element of the marketing mix.
  6. Price fixing models.

Trends and Challenges in Marketing and Sales - Conference cycle

  1. Technology as a differentiation: EVO Bank - Intelligent Bank (Mobile banking and digital client management) case.
  2. Personalized attention: From segmentation to personalization. Practical application of Big Data.
  3. Artificial Intelligence: Watson, Alexa and Google Home.
  4. New marketing automation systems: HubSpot.

TFM. Google Adwords Certification (Shopping Advertising) (8 ECTS)

The Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google grants to those who demonstrate a high level of knowledge of basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. With this certification you show that you are a certified online advertising professional.

For eight weeks, an expert trainer selected by Google will help you obtain the Google AdWords Certification (Shopping Advertising). It will teach you how to create and manage Merchant Center accounts, send and optimize product data feeds, create and manage Shopping campaigns in AdWords, manage Shopping ads, optimize and manage bidding for Shopping campaigns.

* The Institution reserves the right to make changes to the Program for its improvement and updating.

Admission process

For each call the following admission process is carried out, based on a selection of students for the limited places offered:

  1. · IEP admissions counselors will inform the candidate about all issues related to the program as well as the admission process and conditions.
  2. · The candidate must complete the "admission form and send it to the IEP along with his Curriculum Vitae.
  3. · The Admissions Committee will study the file and will inform the student, if he / she is suitable, that he / she is given the place to study the program.
  4. · Once the admission certificate has been received, the student must formalize his / her registration.

Study grants / Scholarships

The Institute has a scholarship program that can cover up to 35% or 40% of the cost of tuition. In each call a limited number of scholarships are offered based on the personal, professional or economic situation of the candidates. For its adjudication, a rigorous order of application is followed.


There are also special financing conditions, in order to help the students to assume the cost of the course through a system of postponed payments by means of comfortable monthly installments adapted to the needs of the students.


"The study methodology seems to me ideal for people like me, who are working and do not have enough time to have face-to-face classes or to keep pace with work and constant study." On the other hand, the involvement of the staff of the School and the The faculty has been and is being very close to the student, showing at all times a real interest in the teaching of the classes and in the attempt to improve and facilitate the understanding of all concepts on our part. Lucía Vaquero Otero

"In my professional life, the Master has allowed me to learn new concepts and strategies applicable to my current job, but above all, I would highlight the personalized treatment that students receive, and I believe that I can maintain the relationship with the School and the colleagues give me a professional and personal added value ". Vicente Verdú - Commercial Director of Cosesa

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