The Online Master in Creation of New International Companies allows a better understanding of the mechanisms that can contribute to improve the competitiveness and potential of new companies; as well as analyzing the viability of the different strategic options available to them to materialize their entrepreneurial will . The tools provided will allow to establish routines that facilitate the investigation and the integration of the information coming from the international markets. In this way, the participants design their companies, systems and processes focusing on the foreign market.

Who is it for?

The Master is directed to:

  • University graduates with professional experience
  • Students of the undergraduate degrees, interested in guiding their professional future in the field of innovation management and management, and who have to overcome less than thirty ECTS credits (including Final Degree work). Note: This student body will not be eligible for any certificate or the issuance of their own degree until the corresponding degree is obtained.
  • Professionals from the sector who, without having a university degree, accredit sufficient professional experience (at least three years) as managers or employees in companies or institutions linked to the field of study.

General data

  • Duration: 60 ECTS credits - one academic year
  • Dates: from December 13, 2018 to September 06, 2019
  • Modality: Distance (Virtual Classroom of the Universitat Jaume I)
  • Degree / Diploma: Master's Degree from the Universitat Jaume I
  • Telephone number: 964 38 72 09

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The general objective of the Master in Online in Creation of New International Companies is to provide business training for the management of business projects, providing the necessary skills to understand the behavior within markets and to act in the most effective way within these.

During the master's degree students will be able to develop the following competences:

  • Understand the behavior of international markets.
  • Identify the sources of resources necessary for the management of business projects.
  • Plan the most effective way to act in international markets.
  • Develop an international business plan that allows evaluating the business viability of a product or service.


This master provides the routines that allow designing a company aiming at an international market. This is followed by a methodology of planning (lean start-up) that allows you to CREATE while planning . Entrepreneurs take their first steps towards the creation of companies with a set of resources and little time for planning, that is, for the specification of goals and resources to achieve them. The use of market opportunities requires combining an adequate management of available resources with the establishment of short-term objectives and the design of a strategy to achieve them.

The master thus facilitates the development of systems that allow planning while developing the necessary actions to economically exploit business opportunities in international markets.

The general objective of the master is to train professionals capable of advising and generating business projects through the skills necessary to address the behavior of markets and to act in the most effective way in them.


The course is structured in four subjects. In the first phases the foundations of the creation of companies are treated through the generation of business ideas and the analysis of the viability of these ideas in international markets. Once the analytical phase has been completed, the strategies for launching the international company are developed and the business plan is drawn up.

The subjects are the following:

  1. Generation of innovative ideas for international markets
  2. Viability of the international business idea
  3. Determination of the international strategy
  4. International business plan
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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