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Program Description

The new master's degree in communication social media and web marketing by Up Level trains you to operate in a highly competitive industry through 360-degree training in marketing and communication. At the end of the Master, you will be able to design, manage and monitor integrated communication campaigns using not only the classic techniques of the brand and product promotion but also using the most innovative techniques of web marketing and social media communication. 

For this reason, the program of our Master is continuously renewed and enhanced in all those areas that are becoming increasingly important in marketing as:

SEO a role figure that knows how to optimize the website at its best on the search engine with respect to its target, Online Advertising with Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing to build a net of contacts and improve the engagement among them, Web Copywriting to create quality contents that stimulate conversion and sharing online, Online Reputation Management to monitor the value and reputation of your brand in the different web channels. 

This Master’s program offers a wide-ranging training offering full knowledge of the entire communication process: from planning to coordination, from creativity to execution up to specific training in communication regulations.

Target Audience

Graduates looking for a stimulating career path in a constantly evolving sector. This master's degree offers a highly specialized preparation that allows students to enhance the training received at the high school and/or at university in order to put themselves a step ahead on the job market. A teaching methodology consolidated over the years, the specialization in modern communication techniques, and the application of new technologies let the students of this master’s degree from the basis of their own professionalism combining the solidity of their pre gained skills and flexibility in following market changes.

Professionals already working in this field. This master’s program allows them to compare themselves with new methodologies and receive all the necessary updates to continue to work efficiently in the market. A way to become even more attractive for companies looking for brilliant professionals covering a role that is required to give always the best of oneself. The targeted training on all aspects of work and the acquisition of the most comprehensive management skills to operate in the sector are the basis for a decisive leap forward in quality.

For entrepreneurs who wish to improve the efficiency of their company's communication, this master offers them all the necessary skills to enhance the reputation and image of their brand.


Training first and foremost

Training, training, training here’s the basis of this master’s degree in Communication Social Media and Web Marketing by Up Level. Only through proven and constantly updated training courses, we can offer the best to our students. The maximum at a professional level is achieved through solid training and the application of acquired techniques. For this reason, the master in social media communication and web marketing by up level is structured to combine a solid program of studies with case studies and workshops. A program that is constantly updated according to the different training needs expressed by the job market. The only objective of the master is to create professionals able to integrate immediately into the working reality. At the end of their training, our students are ready to operate at the highest levels of the social media and digital web marketing market.

The best experts: from academics to successful Professionals

Up Level's master's degree in communication, social media, and web marketing are taught by a carefully selected teaching staff. Up Level integrates qualified teachers from the academic world and the professional environment. University lecturers, entrepreneurs, managers, freelancers, technicians: our lecturers, each in their own field, guarantee each student the right mix of professional competence and experience in the field of digital communication. they are people we select on the basis of very strict parameters that go well beyond academic or professional merits because it is not enough to have the skills to transmit or know subjects to teach: you need to have much more to give our students much more. When we say we train social media managers at the top of the category, we mean high-value professionals. And the value is much more than knowledge of a syllabus or the brilliant passing of an exam: it is the very essence of the practitioner that makes him irreplaceable and to stop at nothing. the same value we expect from our professional teachers who are both established professionals in their field and training experts. Training experts who have gained serious expertise in the field of teaching and developed innovative methodologies, combining classical and proven teaching techniques with procedures developed specifically for highly specialized disciplines for students of different ages and cultural levels.

Professional opportunities

The new marketing and communication professions.

Our students of the master's degree in communication, social media, and web marketing at Up Level acquire a level of preparation that ensures maximum competitiveness in the job market. The communication sector, in fact, requires very high professionalism and it is of fundamental importance to be able to stand out from a very varied competition. There's no room for improvisation. There is only one way to succeed, here even more than in any other sector: quality. Quality means to prepare well, to deepen every aspect of digital marketing and social media marketing, to be curious not to take anything for granted, to follow step by step the evolution of communication techniques and the most innovative technologies applied by new media, to form solid foundations and to be ready to learn something new every day.

The social media manager has a great responsibility. his task is to translate the company's philosophy into winning communication. And communication is winning not when it is simply beautiful, fascinating, or creative, but when it achieves the marketing objectives identified by the company.

Web community manager/Social Media Manager

The web community manager creates and helps to strengthen the relationships between the members of a virtual community present on the web and between it and the commissioning organization, with effective communication within the group, in particular, promotes, monitors, analyzes, and evaluates the conversations that take place on the various web resources (websites, blogs, social networks). It builds and manages the relationship with online stakeholders. Work as a freelancer for specialized web marketing agencies or within an organization.

Search engine Expert 

The search engine expert takes care in the various phases of the project of the support and verification of results related to the positioning on search engines, imparting the rules of relative optimization within the development of web services.

Web Advertising Manager

Professional figure in charge of the planning and coordination of the entire promotion process, from the design and preparation of web advertising campaigns to the sale of products/services related to the activity of the company assessing the costs and benefits of the promotional action. 

Web content specialist

Produces both multimedia and textual content for which it is directly responsible that is effective for a web resource, also takes care of the content according to the platform that will host it (social network website blog or interface) and the target (users).monitor the usability of the site with the tools of customer satisfaction. can be freelance or part of a public or private organization.


  • Strategic marketing 
  • Professions in the field of marketing and communication
  • Marketing Planning 
  • Legislation and law in the field of marketing and communication 
  • Marketing and creativity
  • Marketing and business communication 
  • Institutional events and Event Marketing 
  • Nonconventional Marketing
  • The evolution of Web: from web 1.0, web 2.0 to web 3.0 
  • The activity of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • The activity of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 
  • The social media marketing 
  • The choice of social media and integration into a marketing strategy

Communication Social Media & Web Marketing: the internship

In a Master Up Level, there is a concrete application to reality a direct experience in the field a work project to be carried out as part of the training course. For this reason, our masters are comparable in pace and commitment to a real working activity. An activity articulated in moments of training in the classroom and periods of internship in companies and opportunities for comparison and deepening with teachers who have already established professionals in the field. a mix of theory and practice that makes up the level a real generator of opportunities for the most ambitious professionals.

Our Certificate, a Key to your next job

The Up Level master's degree in Hospitality Management guarantees the highest level of training for those who want to get involved in the world of hospitality and emerge in this sector undertaking a successful professional career. At the end of the master's degree, our school issues each participant with a nominative certificate that certifies the specialization acquired.

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Fondata da Fabrizio Serafini, esperto professionista, con al suo attivo numerosi successi nel settore manageriale. Up level dal 1995 ad oggi ha al suo attivo le più interessanti case history umane in ... Read More

Fondata da Fabrizio Serafini, esperto professionista, con al suo attivo numerosi successi nel settore manageriale. Up level dal 1995 ad oggi ha al suo attivo le più interessanti case history umane in fatto di formazione e iperspecializzazione. Nel 2004 acquisisce la certificazione ISO 9001:200Settore/i EA di attività : 37 Progettazione ed erogazioni di Master Post-Laurea, e non, e di Corsi di Formazione e Aggiornamento Professionale. Nel 2009 Accreditamento presso la Regione Lazio. Nel 2011 Accreditamento presso la Regione Lombardia. Read less
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