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Program Description

Why choose this program?

In the Online Grassroots Soccer Expert course you will learn to identify, know and transport the psycho-pedagogical principles of soccer training to the sporting reality. You will know the MBP methodology in depth, learning how to plan, according to the evolutionary stage of your players, the different contents and concepts throughout the season, in order to design and implement the different didactic strategies that represent them.

You will know how the functions of the coach are integrated in the formation of values. You will also learn to adopt an evolutionary vision of physical preparation, with a focus on the psychomotor development of players, to contextualize conditional work within technical, tactical and collective game training and you will identify the bases of sensory training and its functioning from evaluative techniques focused on the generation of metacognitive learning.

In short, you will learn to observe the game with tactical intentions and to use an appropriate game model for the ages of training in football.

  • Dedication: 150 hours (30 weeks)
  • Next edition: November 16, 2020
  • Qualification: Expert in Grassroots Online Soccer

What will you learn?

  1. To plan, evaluate and develop training programs adapted to the different stages of the players' understanding of the game.
  2. To select and apply the most appropriate strategies, methods, techniques and technologies for the improvement of training processes in football.
  3. To transmit attitudes and values that favor adherence to the regular practice of soccer and highlight its educational and healthy effects, communicating effectively.
  4. To relate different areas and contents while you learn to develop them through football.
  5. To know and interpret the fundamentals and basic manifestations that determine the cognitive, coordinative and conditional human development through football.
  6. To analyze and optimize the capacities and abilities of athletes in their different evolutionary moments
  7. To understand, advise and manage individual and group dynamics in soccer teams
  8. To identify the risk factors for early abandonment of soccer practice and to program training content to prevent it.

MBP methodology

  • Gamification. Through game mechanics (gamification) that will present you with rigorous and practical information in an attractive and motivating way, as well as interactive and professional.
  • The history. Immersing yourself in a story that will take you to recognize key aspects in the training of the Grassroots player, putting yourself in the shoes of different characters that surround the day-to-day life of a training football club.
  • Overcoming. Overcoming ambitious challenges in which you will have to use technological tools to develop coaching skills while learning all the keys to the MBP Grassroots Soccer methodology.
  • Virtual Mentor. Learning from the Mister, your virtual mentor, to use reflective, critical, self-critical and ethical reasoning in competitive football.
  • Deepening. Delving into general and specific aspects of player training in formative stages and discovering secrets that will lead you to extra knowledge.
  • On-line. Autonomously from home, deciding week by week when to enter the course according to your availability, and working as a team with other coaches, but also competing for the rewards.

Course program

The course structure is divided into 4 large modules (Planning, Methodology, Physical Preparation and Game Analysis), where we will share step by step all the keys to a complete, transversal, innovative and coherent methodology, answering the 4 questions that every methodology must reply:

  • Why? Before starting to train, it is good to review what the authors who have dedicated their lives to studying everything that involves the training process in young people say, in addition to developing a solid proposal that will support all the decisions and actions that will come later. It is the argument of why we will do things one way or another.
  • What to train? Identification of the stage of understanding of the game of our players to choose the contents and slogans that we can train with them to help them jump to the next level.
  • When to train it? Once we have chosen those contents and slogans, it is very important to order them in time. The planning and programming process with each and every one of its steps will help us to organize all the work throughout the season in a coherent way and adjusted to the needs of our players.
  • How to train it? We went out to the field. It is time to train! We will see all the resources we have as coaches to learn to design tasks and training sessions to maximize the learning of our players based on the objective.

What do our students think?

“ MBP not only changed my way of seeing football, but also to analyze it in a more effective and detailed way. In my point of view there is a before and after of this course regarding scouting and analysis, the content is incredible and the information within it is of the highest quality. " Brett Uttley, Inter Miami

«I am passionate about football and I always look for the opportunity to continue learning new things. That is why I am enrolling in the Scouting and Online Game Analysis course at MBP , a very agile, digestible and easy to study course, which helped me understand and understand many moments of the game. " Gerardo Torrado, Mexican Soccer Federation

Last updated Nov 2020

About the School

MBP School of Coaches’ mission is to “optimize the tactical level of the coaches to their maximum exponent” thanks to the patented MBP Method that is being used by professional coaches and players in ... Read More

MBP School of Coaches’ mission is to “optimize the tactical level of the coaches to their maximum exponent” thanks to the patented MBP Method that is being used by professional coaches and players in more than 15 countries already. Read less