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Program Description

  • Course Duration: 20 months, part-time.
  • Course Fees: $2,950 per subject. FEE-HELP is available.
  • Course Study Periods: January, March, May, July, September, October
  • Course Subjects: 10

Become an expert in the widening field of psychology

A rapidly changing world and a growing need to understand the human brain has created many opportunities in the field of psychology. Professionals with human-centred roles and aspiring registered psychologists have the opportunity to develop their skills and reach their career goals with JCU’s 100% Online Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bridging).

These changes are having a positive impact on industry growth as the number of people working as Psychologists in Australia is expected to grow by 30% from 37,500 in 2018 to 48,800 by 2023.*

A pragmatic and versatile qualification

This degree can be the first stepping stone in the path to becoming a practising psychologist^. Alternatively, students may use this degree to complement their current roles in a range of industries including Marketing, Human Resources, Education, Social Work and Counselling.

The Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bridging) provides the foundational knowledge of the history of psychology and develops your professional skills to apply contemporary psychology to solve community-based challenges. It has been designed to help graduates succeed in a complex world and to deliver better client services.

^This course has been conditionally accreditation by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC)

Why choose JCU Online’s Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bridging)?

The JCU Online Graduate Diploma of Psychology is a contemporary and hands-on qualification designed for the future. You'll develop professional skills, learn about emerging trends in psychology and study a range of contemporary subjects.

A stepping stone to becoming a registered psychologist

This qualification is a pathway to further study for those who want to change their career to become a psychologist. This may include career pathways such as general or clinical psychology, clinical neuropsychology, forensic psychology and organisational psychology.

A way forward in human-centred professions

It is also for professionals in human-centred occupations who are focused on career growth and want the skills to help them achieve more in current and future roles. This may include teaching, human resources, marketing, counselling, social work, and consulting.

Entry requirements

To be eligible to enrol in the online Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bridging), applicants must have:

  • Completed an undergraduate bachelors degree in any discipline.
  • Applicants of non-English speaking backgrounds must meet the English language proficiency requirements of Band 1– Schedule II of the JCU Admissions Policy.

If you have any questions about the above entry requirements for the online Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bridging), feel free to speak to one of our Enrolment Advisors.

Understand contemporary psychology disciplines

Develop a comprehensive understanding of contemporary theoretical perspectives of psychology, their philosophical and historical developments and their interconnectedness.

Have confidence using data and technology

Develop your skills in using technology and statistical methods to facilitate research, client care and community outcomes, and enhance your career in an increasingly digital and data-driven field.

Gain a global perspective

Designed to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, this course provides you with a communications tool-kit to solve problems relative to the challenges of the diverse populations in different communities.

What you will study

You will study a broad scope of subjects unique to the Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bridging) at JCU Online, including Environmental Psychology and Health, Wellbeing & Resilience and more. These subjects align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as current and emerging global health challenges in a technology-enabled society.

Study 10 online subjects over 20 months, which you can commence at any of the six study periods throughout the year.

Graduate Diploma subjects

  • Social Psychology
  • Individual Differences in Personality
  • The Psychology of Health, Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Human Development Across the Lifespan
  • Psychological Disorders and Interventions
  • Learning, Memory Cognition and Language
  • Neuroscience and the Biological Bases of Behaviour
  • Environmental Psychology and Sustainable Futures
  • Principles of Counselling
  • Research and Statistics for Psychology

Personalised support for your success

JCU Online’s Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bridging) has been designed to provide the best possible learning experience for students. You’ll have access to one-on-one support from a dedicated Success Advisor. They will be there from commencement right throughout your studies, keeping you motivated and on track to achieve your goals.

To help you learn more effectively and efficiently, you’ll also have access to live interactive sessions with your tutors and classmates – wherever you are.

JCU’s innovative and interactive learning environment, with video, audio, discussion boards, chat forums and assessments is a smart and effective way of online learning.

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