Online Forex and Commodities Trading Course


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Program Description

  • Dates: From 10/05/2020 to 10/18/2020
  • Place: Online
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Price: 350 €

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We are all familiar with stocks, indices and mutual funds, but there are two very relevant products in the financial markets:

  • Raw Materials
  • Foreign exchange. Forex

We will learn to determine which are the best short and medium term strategies, as well as the best products to develop these tactics, all of the above together with adequate position management and strict risk control, due to the leverage of the products, will lead us continuous generation of cash flow and success in the markets.

The course is divided into two parts. A first part with a base of common strategies applicable to both commodities and currencies, based on advanced technical analysis models (Elliott and Algotrading Systems). In this first part we will focus especially on PETROLEUM, EURUSD and COPPER, as they are very exemplary. And in a second part we will focus our strategies on each of the specific products, the money is in the details, especially everything in raw materials, we will teach them those nuances that will make them be above the average. The last part of the course will be dedicated to the virtuous circle formed by the main world indices with the aim of proposing and developing advanced and lagging strategies, what should we focus on to be one step ahead of the market?

Addressed to

  • Investors who want to start making their own investment decisions.
  • Intraday traders and investors who want to improve their strategies and who want to design and advance new methodologies.
  • Investors seeking product and market diversification.
  • Managers interested in knowing these products and their advantages as investment and hedging elements.
  • Private traders who, like professional managers, treasury desks and forex and commodity brokers, want to actively manage their positions, adapting them to Market Timing, to the level of leverage of each of the specific products and of their own portfolios, and above all, for those who want to make intraday trading with a high degree of leverage a way of life.
  • And in general, anyone who wants to learn about and deepen the use of these products and the markets in which they are traded.


  • Show the end investor new trading and investment products.
  • Know two of the main world financial markets.
  • Differentiate strategies on derivative products from strategies on deliverable products.
  • Learn trading techniques highly leveraged products, continuous generation of monetary flows.
  • To learn the operation of currencies and raw materials in order to incorporate them into portfolio management, as well as to know the characteristics of organized and unorganized markets for said products.


The course lasts 2 weeks in which the student and the teacher are in contact at all times.

The structure of the course is as follows:

  • The students will have the complete documentation in PDF format, so that they can have it printed at the time of class and it will be easier for them to follow it.
  • On Monday and Tuesday there will be an online session from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., in which the slides corresponding to the current week will be explained in depth and practical examples of all the concepts studied will be given.
  • These sessions will be recorded and posted in the virtual classroom. In this way, if a student misses a live session or wants to watch it again, they can do so at any time.
  • On Wednesdays the student must study the weekly documentation. All doubts that may arise must be exposed in the "forum of doubts".
  • On Thursdays there will be another Online session from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., in which all doubts published in the forum will be resolved and the course documentation will continue to be explained.
  • The rest of the week the student can use it to work on the documentation and the "optional" practical exercises that will be made available to them. Any questions should be asked through the "Forum of doubts".
  • During the week all doubts raised through the forum will be resolved, so that all students can see them and learn from them.
  • Students will have a chat to communicate with other students while the course is active.
  • Instituto BME will issue a certificate of having been enrolled in the course to all participants. In the event that you want to obtain a certificate of achievement of the course, you must pass a short test.

On the Friday of the week before the start of the course, you will receive by email the password to access the classroom where you can download the course documentation and an explanatory document on how the platform works.

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