For all those enquirers who have achieved their MSc degrees and are interested in applying for a newly established doctorate course that is valued and approved all over the world, in order to become Doctors of Business Administration starting from the registration deadline: 31th July, 2019,

ALFRED NOBEL Open Business School Switzerland

Implements it’s doctorial school in cooperation with a university in England.

Entry requirements and the data necessary:

Applicants should have a Master’s degree or equivalent, in a subject area relevant to the proposed research topic; a minimum of two years’ post qualification professional practice; and the ability to demonstrate professional competence of a high standard in the relevant research area. International students need IELTS level 6.5 overall (no less than 6.0 in writing and 5.5 in any other band) or equivalent.

-professional CV

-personal data and copies of personal documents

-brief description of the MSc degree approved by the government

(starting from the beginning of the studies)

-copy of the MSc diploma

-description of postgraduate education and a copy of diploma in case there have been any

-work experience ( involving trainings)

-list of publications if there have been any

-short sketch of the doctorial dissertation (draft on the concept ofthesis)

Registration Process:

People study a PhD program when they aim at a career as a fulltime professor or they are aimed at continuing their studies in order to achieve a postgraduate doctorate degree. Basically they do research work, publish in academic journals, write books and teach.

In contrast people who do DBA go on working at their companies as highly educated professionals and are aimed at continuing their carriers in the world of business following graduation.

However their doctorate entitles them to do research as well. They may teach as guest professors or invited or adjunct faculty occasionally and publish in practitioner or academic journals.

Having a doctorial degree in business administration helps gaining knowledge for work on the base of the latest researches, theories and trends. Not only this knowledge makes them experts in the relevant area but it also results in having various managerial and decision making skills with which higher positions in the leadership may be obtained, or a new carrier may get started.

DBA provides a professional degree at doctorate level that suits the claims of the participants and the industry involved better than the more common PHD degree.

People do DBA when they already have achieved a lot in their business career and need to have new challenges. Generally they’ve been graduated as Master of Business (MBA) at a master’s level, and they want to be distinguished from the others by having a doctorial degree. They are typically in their 30s, some in their 40s, some are even older. They have many years of work experience, good positions, a decent salary, and a lot of ambition and motivation.

Our programme is ranked in the top 20 in the European Economic

Committee’s Global DBA Rankings Euro 2018

Our Doctorate in Business Administration is a research degree. The programme starts with a pre-thesis phase which includes four, three-day taught modules; Reflective Professional Development, Systematic Literature Review; Methodological Fundaments and Research Methods and Analysis. This stage lasts, on average, 18 months, after which you present your formal research plan for approval, in an area focused on a topic of your choice.

They then enter the thesis phase, which lasts a minimum of a further 18 months. At its conclusion, they present and defend their thesis in viva voce.

You can use the doctorate title by writing the abbreviation Dr in front of your name, and signing the kind of it, DBA following your full name.

Tuition fees:

DBA students pay their studies by themselves. They keep on earning money while doing the course, by which they can pay the tuition fees. They may also be able to tax-deduct their DBA expenses and most likely increase their salary once they have achieved their doctoral degree by gaining better positions. Some companies even fund DBA students, especially when they use data from their employers and when their research is relevant for their companies.

Fees of DBA:

Year 1: Ł11,700

Year 2: Ł10,100

Year 3: Ł4,800

Year 4+: Ł2,300

Our DBA course – teaching and learning

At the commencement of the programme, you are introduced to Reflective Professional Development. This module is designed to strengthen your ability to reflect on your business experience, research topic and broader contexts and develop your ability to analyse and synthesise the results of reflection. You will work in action learning sets to complement your independent learning. The objective is to work towards developing your research question(s). You will also learn to synthesise and interpret complex information enabling the development of novel approaches, model and frameworks.

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- Year 1: Ł11,700 Year 2: Ł10,100 Year 3: Ł4,800 Year 4+: Ł2,300
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