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Program Description

EJO English Language Online Learning

Learn wherever you are with an internet connection, home, office or somewhere else! Learn at times convenient for you and work at your own speed over a prescribed time period!

With so much flexibility, learning online is ideal for those who lead busy lives.

Some of our students take these courses before or after taking another EJO course (English Home Lessons or an International Summer Programme). Many take them independently.

Business Speaking is suitable for:

Intermediate – Upper-Intermediate learners who want to improve their core English skills in the most efficient way possible

550 - 900 B1 - B2

Business Speaking offers focused, effective practice of English skills in over 30 common business settings. Those who are willing to study 2-3 hours a week over several months will see a significant improvement in their level and in international exam test scores.

Each lesson follows a clear and proven learning cycle to build skills systematically. Students are exposed to over 600 key business expressions in natural contexts that feature speakers from 6 different countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and India. The language that is taught can be easily applied across industries making this a highly practical course in Business English. On completion, students will have a much broader range of vocabulary, and be able to use a new language effectively to interact with clients and co-workers with confidence.

Lessons are broken down into short modules so they can be completed either on-the-go on a mobile device, or on a PC or tablet. Students can begin a lesson, take a break and simply pick up where they left off. Each lesson ends with a test in a dynamic, role-play format to assess if students are able to use new language appropriately in the given context.

Course Features

  • 60 content-rich lessons from B1-B2 level presenting language in 30 of the most common business situations.
  • Coverage of over 600 key expressions which are transferable across different industries and work settings.
  • A wide range of exercise types including comprehension and practice activities that develop both micro and macro level skills in listening and pronunciation.
  • Interactive roleplays that offer realistic conversation practice in an everyday business situation.
  • A useful Language Study cycle that summarises key phrases, and explains how and when they should be used.
  • Material that includes a variety of accents to help prepare learners for interactions with native and non-native speakers of English in the workplace.

Course Fees

Course fee: £29.99

Optional extra: £39.99 to include a 20-minute skype tutorial with a qualified teacher

Our courses include within the course fee:

  • Enrolment (no registration fee to be added to the cost of course)
  • Programme of lessons as described for the course
  • Regular emails from your course coach monitoring your progression through the course (Practical English and Need to Read only)

System Requirements

A PC which can be connected to the Internet (ADSL or Broadband).

Microsoft OS (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7) with Internet Explorer version 7 or above or the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox, OS X with the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled. Adobe Flash Player or above (latest version is always recommended), Adobe Reader version 5 or above.

A resolution of 1024x768 or higher.

Last updated October 2019

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At EJO we maintain a tradition of excellence in the teaching of English Language courses to children, teenagers, and adults, with over 50 years' experience. Our teachers are dedicated to bringing out ... Read More

At EJO we maintain a tradition of excellence in the teaching of English Language courses to children, teenagers, and adults, with over 50 years' experience. Our teachers are dedicated to bringing out the best in each student. We use the most recent textbooks and resources for teaching children, teenagers, and adults and are sympathetic to the needs of each individual student. Our methods combine grammar, reading, and vocabulary with conversation. Read less