Online Chinese Language Program E


Program Description

2020 Autumn Let's Keep Learning Chinese


Dear Student

Affected by the pandemic, the university has made a few adjustments to the language programs of the 2020 autumn semester. Besides the full-time General Chinese Language Program A, there will also be a part-time Online Chinese Language Program E available. If you have studied, or are studying the Chinese language at Donghua, tuition discount can also be applied to you. Join us to explore the Chinese language now!

For Whom

  • Foreigners currently living or working in Shanghai;
  • Foreigners currently located overseas and would like to learn Chinese online.

The Form of Instruction

The program will be instructed online throughout the semester

The minimum number of students to start a class is 8. Each class will be taught by two teachers.

Program Information

  • Study Duration: September 7, 2020 - December 17, 2020
  • Class Schedule:  
    • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.
    • 18:30 - 20:45 Beijing Time
  • Relevant Fees: 
    • Application Fee: CNY 400
    • Tuition: CNY 5000

* Application Fee waiver and continual study discount can be applied to the students that have studied or are studying the Chinese language at Donghua. Scholarships of 2019 autumn and 2020 spring that have not been used can also be applied to the 2020 autumn semester. For more information, please make an inquiry to the International Student Admissions Department.

Teaching Plan


  • 2 hour online real-time classes and 1 hour offline learning with recorded learning materials. (The teachers will be online for Q&A)

*1 class hour = 45 mins

Class Levels:

  • Elementary, Intermediate

 *This program does not accept learners with no basic proficiency in Chinese.

Other Affairs

The university is not able to provide visa-supporting documents or accommodation services for students enrolled in this program. 

The original part-time Practical Chinese Programs C/D/E/F are not going to be launched temporarily. Students who applied for these programs are recommended to choose this online program. 

Application Procedures

  1. Online Application
    • Please submit an online application at We will contact you by email after we receive your application.
    • Application Deadline: August 20, 2020
  2. Online Placement Test (Only for the new students)
    1. A new student who has successfully enrolled will take the online Chinese test (written test only) within a specified period, and will be assigned to the corresponding class based on the test results. The current students will be arranged to enter the class according to their previous level.
  3. Free Audition Class
    • A free audition class will be scheduled on the first day of online class and students may decide whether to participate in the program after the audition. 
  4. Fees Payment
    • If the student confirms to participate in the program, he/she can pay the relevant fees online.
    • * Normally, after paying the application fees and the tuition, the paid fees are non-refundable. 

Software & Hardware Support for Online Study

  • Computers, headsets, and microphones, can turn on the camera and is able to show up to communicate with the classmates and the teacher;
  • Smooth Internet connection, can participate in the real-time interaction, is able to install WeChat App and use the relevant online teaching and interaction platforms;
  • A suitable environment for learning, which should be quiet and without disruption.
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About the School

Donghua University (DHU) is one of China’s state-key universities. It is located in Shanghai, China’s financial and economic heart. DHU falls directly under the Chinese Ministry of Education, as part ... Read More

Donghua University (DHU) is one of China’s state-key universities. It is located in Shanghai, China’s financial and economic heart. DHU falls directly under the Chinese Ministry of Education, as part of the country’s 211 project for higher education. Read less